Becoming a Wage Slave

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.

Needing to pay bills and stuff, i’ve picked up a job. To borrow a term from Shadowrun, i’m now a wage slave. I do become kind of tired by the time i’m home in the evenings and it’s really hard to concentrate on playing games. Alas, my blog suffers as i cannot test out Hearthstone decklists, play mmorpg, level up arpg characters etc.

English Archeage is releasing soon. But i’m hesitant about playing it because of the unfavorable news regarding labor points, labor potions and archeum. I always believe that games should let us progress as long as we pour in effort via time. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for free to play players in Archeage. To quote someone else, is Archeage a glorified version of Farmville? Is Archeage really just another kind of facebook game for free to play players?

But then coming back to the point about me being a wage slave with little time left for gaming in the weekdays, the issue on labor points seem not to matterĀ for me.

I’ll see how it goes next week. Geek Generation out.


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