Path of Exile: Herald of Ash for Rainie Ying

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I wanted to get a couple more passive points for Rainie Ying before i made a post, but since i have less time to play now, and i completed a couple quests that gave passive points, so i’m posting an update regarding Rainie Ying. You can see Rainie’s passive tree at level 63 here.

Basically, i took the reduced mana reservation nodes near Scion, went up a little higher into Ranger’s projectile cluster, and took all the +30 Str nodes, which are really good since they give Rainie more health and damage via Iron Grip.

There is enough mana to run 3 buffs now, Reduced Mana Clarity, Reduced Mana Discipline, Herald of Ash. Still can’t find gloves to 4 link my buff gems.

For me Herald of Ash is a little confusing. It works like an aura, reserving mana and giving me a buff icon on the top left of the ui, but it doesn’t have the keyword Aura. When i took the “6% increased effect of Auras you cast” node, it didn’t do anything for Herald of Ash. Not even the Overkill ignite damage. Then when i took the “4% reduced Mana Reserved” node, it managed to reduce Herald of Ash’s mana reservation cost. So i was thinking, is Herald of Ash an Aura or not? And whether it’s affected by these clusters of nodes or if it were some tooltip inaccuracies instead.

Fortunately for me, ZiggyD did a youtube video explaining Herald of Ash. Only after watching the video did i realize that the reduced mana reservation nodes did not specifically state Auras. I was wrong to assume that the entire cluster of nodes applied solely to Auras. Skills that reserve mana are affected by the reduced mana reservation nodes even if they’re not Auras.

Although Inner Force would improve Herald of Ash, i’m not going into those nodes as they would make Arctic Armour cost more mana (i assume they still work this way).

So Rainie Ying’s build is more or less complete. Not very strong and i’m not sure if that’s because of build or because of inferior equipment. The subsequent levels would all focus on getting more health, more damage, more reduced mana reservation so i could eventually swap out Iron Reflexes for Mind over Matter. More resists if i can get them, more accuracy after more resists.. if i can get them.

Geek Generation out.


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