Path of Exile: Rampage League (Level 67)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I played quite abit of Path of Exile this week and managed to push Rainie Ying to level 67. Just 3 more levels and the experience penalty for playing in Docks is going to start kicking in. Probably, it’s going to be kinda hard to level uo Rainie. after level 72. So that’s like only 5 skill points left for me to make sure Rainie is strong enough to farm the Library.

Unfortunately, i need all 5 of those points for 8% more mana reservation and +30 more Dex. So there’s not going to be more life or more damage from the passive tree *sigh*

You can see the skill tree here. I refunded the odd +10 Dex that puts me within range of Mind Over Matter should i decide to refund Iron Reflexes. I placed the point into +30 Dex node instead.

Rainie’s skills list:
Arctic Armour
Conversion Trap
Reduced Mana – Clarity – Discipline
Cast on Damage Taken (level 7) – Decoy Totem – Enduring Cry – Molten Shell
Herald of Ash
Rain of Arrows – Added Fire Damage – Life Gain on Hit – Increased Critical Strikes
Burning Arrow – Vaal Burning Arrow – Added Fire Damage – Life Leech

I stopped using Ambu’s Charge and am using a 5 link full Evasion armor. I’m rather tired of casting Flammability before attacking, and really prefer a one skill fighting style. So i’m hoping to link Rain of Arrows – Added Fire Damage – Life Gain on Hit – Curse on Hit – Flammability. But i’ve burned through a couple stacks of Chromatic Orbs and couldn’t get the colors i want. Plus, i do not have Curse on Hit gem.

I have a Murauder that’s in the beginning of Act 3 in Rampage league. Maybe i’ll use that to get Curse on Hit gem from the library quest for Rainie. And run another character, Rogue maybe, for Herald of Ice. Hmm..

I’m thinking of putting one more Reduced Mana to Herald of Ash. And hopefully link Herald of Ice and Elemental Proliferation in. But that seems to be pretty mana intensive. I’ll have to do some calculations later.

Geek Generation out.


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