Hearthstone: Sayonara Starving Buzzard

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Today’s Tuesday, which is maintenance day for lots of games. Settlers Online, Hearthstone, and if i remember correctly, it should be all Blizzard games. Tuesday is worse than Mondays for a gamer with irrelevant work commitments.

Can’t log in to Hearthstone, but there’s patch notes on the launcher and it’s goodbye to Starving Buzzard. Well.. Starving Buzzard will still be played, it’s after all still a very strong draw engine for Hunter. It’s just that Hunters are less likely to have 2/1 puppies and overweight hyenas after the obscene amount of cards drawn.

But if what i read is correct, that Hunters dominate 70% of the top tables in pro tournaments, then Starving Buzzard is indeed a welcomed nerf.

Anyway, my Arena scores are usually from 1 wins to 4 wins. But i scored a 9 win record with a Paladin yesterday, which kind of surprised myself. I didn’t think i had a strong deck; i didn’t have any Equality, only 1 Truesilver Champion and 1 Consecration. But i had quite a number of secrets in the form of Avenge and Noble Sacrifice.

Avenge Haunted_Creeper

Avenge is amazing with Haunted Creeper which i only had 1. Haunted Creeper is also amazing with Blessing of Kings, simply because it usually stays alive long enough to be enchanted. I should make a deck like this when i can log in : D

Geek Generation out.


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