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Aftermath of Reinstalling OS

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I just bought a new graphics card. Installing it wasn’t too much of a hassle. I tried playing Clicker Heroes, and it turns out that game progress was stored on the computer rather than on some server. Which means i lost all progress to Clicker Heroes, which effectively means “don’t play it anymore”.

My gaming is still limited to Mousehunt, Ghost Trappers, Fish Wrangler and Settlers Online. Patching Path of Exile and installing Hearthstone at the moment.

The thing with the new graphics card is that it came with a tiny note that i have earned $100 in-game for Path of Exile and Heroes of Newerth ($50 for each game). Which seems pretty cool. Except that i don’t know if it’s going to be tied to Garena. Which would be bad because my Path of Exile account is not tied to Garena.

Ok, Hearthstone finished installing. Geek Generation out.


Bye bye graphics card

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I think my graphics card just went kaput. It says on the device manager that my graphics card has been disabled by Windows for.. some stuff; Error 43.

So i tried reinstalling Windows, but the problem is the same, so i’m guessing the problem is with the graphics card.

Without a working graphics card, i can’t play most games. With the reinstallation of Windows, i’m kind of distracted with reinstalling all the other stuff.

Hopefully i can get back to gaming in a couple of days.

Geek Generation out.

Diablo III: Finished Act 5, No More Nightmare

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

So i just finished Act 5, played an adventure and though it was pretty cool. There seems to be more stuff to kill in adventure mode.

After that, i thought i’ll start with the Nightmare difficulty. Except that i couldn’t find it. I soon realized that the difficulties are no longer divided into Normal, Nightmare, Merciless and Diablo III’s 4th difficulty. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t called Merciless back when those difficulties were around. Merciless was Path of Exile’s difficulty.

Apparently, the old difficulty system was scrapped. And boy am i glad to see it go. Finally, the whole can’t waypoint back to a previous Act is starting to fit in. The Campaign mode is like a linear timeline where you can only go forward while the Adventure mode is like a kind of world map, where you can waypoint back and forth.

I’m assuming progression is now like, play campaign, then level up the rest of the character levels via adventure mode’s bounties. Though i’m not sure if there’s any achievement that requires completion of campaign in another difficulty. All in all, i think this change in difficulty is a good change.

I know all these are old news for most people. But as a returning player, these are all new to me, lol.

Geek Generation out.

Diablo III: Trying out for Reaper of Souls

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The title says it all. Yeah i know, the game is hardly new. It’s just that as i was starting up Hearthstone some days ago, the battlenet client said that there was a discount for buying Diablo III products. I thought it was a pretty neat deal so i bought it and am now trying out the expansion.

Thus far, i’ve only been playing the original game, and only managed to just complete Act 4. Act 5 is the expansion content. I’m playing Witch Doctor on the season thingy. I’m guessing the season thingy is like Path of Exile’s challenge leagues.

I don’t want this post to turn into Diablo III bashing. I know the game’s gotten bad reviews from players earlier, but the consensus now, it seems to me, is that the game has been getting better, via patch updates. But some parts of the game is so different from Diablo II that it just bugs me.

Like the cinematics, i missed one and wanted to watch it again. Took some googling to find out that i had to log out the character to watch previous cinematics. Then there was the waypoint. Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, if you have a waypoint, just click it to travel. Pay some gold to do it if you’re playing Guild Wars 2. Sounds like the way how waypoints should work right? Except that with Diablo III, you can’t travel to previous Act by clicking on the waypoint directly.


Fortunately, i’m a forgiving gamer, i’ll continue to play into Act 5, do some bounties, gain some paragon levels, i quit previously before they introduced the paragon levels. So it’s kind of new to me.

Ok, so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Spell Power Druid First Attempt

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.


For a long while, i’ve always believed that Druid’s Swipe with Spell Power (the correct name of the ability is actually Spell Damage -_-“) is a very powerful combination. And i still do. Anyway, i decided to try and make a Spell Damage Druid since Druid has so many spells that benefit from Spell Damage.

Moonfire Wrath Starfire

Starfall too if you have it.

The decklist is as follow:

2 x Innervate
2 x Moonfire
2 x Mark of the Wild
2 x Wrath
2 x Swipe
2 x Starfire

1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Kobold Geomancer
2 x Earthen Ring Farseer
2 x Keeper of the Grove
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Druid of the Claw
1 x Loatheb
2 x Sludge Belcher
1 x Ancient of Lore
2 x Ancient of War
1 x Kel’Thuzad

As it is now, the deck is not very good with a pretty low win percentage. A good speed bump against aggro deck is to play on turn 2 Kobold Geomancer -> Moonfire. But that’s a two card combo to draw from a narrow range of cards. A Kobold Geomancer by itself isn’t exactly a strong play.

The biggest problem is the deck’s horrendous mana curve. The best a Druid can do is to cast a single fatty every turn. But if the opponent manages to kill the fatty every turn, then there isn’t much you can do. There’s simply no way to turn the tempo around if the fatty does not live.

Mark of the Wild is also kind of bad as, without Haunted Creeper, there tend to be a lack of minions on board. Future iteration would probably see a shift in the mana curve.

Clicker Heroes: First Impression

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I was exploring the website of one of my usual games publisher looking for some casual games to play. It’s been awhile since i played these type of games.. somehow categorizing them as casual seems right, even though some of these “casual” games can be rather competitive at times.


Anyway, i chanced upon a game called Clicker Heroes. The art looked rpg-ish and i thought it was going to be a side scroller kind of game. But it wasn’t.

The gameplay is simple. In the game, there is a single tile. On that tile, a monster will spawn. Click on the monster to deal damage to it. Collect gold when it dies and use gold to purchase automatic dps components. Every 5th level is a boss that comes with a 30s timer. If you don’t kill the boss within the allocated time, it resets.

Looking at the achievements, it appears that there are 1000s of levels and i do believe, i’ve described the gameplay of all the levels in that one paragraph. Despite the incredibly simple gameplay, i found it rather addictive. It has all the addictive elements of a grindy game without the complex gameplay of mmorpgs, making it perfect for idle gaming.

Strategy for playing the game is relatively simple. Increase the automatic dps component until you can kill a boss without needing any input, clicks/skill activation, from you. Start the game and leave it at the boss level and minimize the browser window containing the game. That about it, the game is all about idle farming until you have enough automatic dps for the next boss.

Though when i logged in today, i had a huge sum of gold, so i’m not sure if logging in would cause a back-calculation for gold that would’ve been earned during the offline period.

The thing is, even though the game is mostly about idle farming, and relative to your automatic dps, manually clicking doesn’t really help much, there’s still that urge to open up the browser to click on the monster and keep repeating in my head the mantra “I have no life. I have no life.” 😀

Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Hunter Non-Beast Attempt (Failed)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I had 2 quest today that could be completed by winning with Hunter. So i decided to run the Hunter deck that i’ve been running for quite some time. It is frustratingly difficult to score wins, and i’ve no idea why i’ve been using it all this time. Without further adieu, here’s the decklist.

2 x Explosive Trap
2 x Freezing Trap
2 x Misdirection
1 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Deadly Shot

2 x Secretkeeper
2 x Undertaker
2 x Webspinner
2 x Haunted Creeper
2 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Mad Scientist
2 x Defender of Argus
1 x Feugen
1 x Stalagg
1 x Loatheb
2 x Sludge Blecher
1 x Savannah Highmane
1 x The Black Knight

The thing is, i had this deck before the nerf to Starving Buzzard. Looking at the list, it seems like i was trying to abuse Mad Scientists, with everything else building around it. If only i had one more Eaglehorn Bow..

The deck not only does not have a non-Beast theme, it’s almost as if it shuns beast like they are diseased animals. It doesn’t even have good Hunter cards like Animal Companion, Kill Command, Unleash the Hounds. Even Arcane Shot was not in the deck. I have no idea what i was thinking. Sure the deck sometimes get strong openings like Undertaker -> Mad Scientist. But overall, it’s pretty weak against most matchups.

The weird thing though is that i have double Ironbeak Owl instead of my usual combination of 1 x Ironbeak Owl + 1 x Spellbreaker. Which seems to suggest that i was running Kill Command at one time. The inclusion of Kill Command would mean that i was also running Animal Companion and possibly Houndmaster.

But i guess i’ll be giving up on non-Beast Hunter for the time being since i recently opened a King Krush. Boom, boom, boom… ROARRrrrrrr !!

Geek Generation out.

Path of Exile: Rampage League: Ranger (43)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I guess i have to put off leveling Rainie Ying at level 73. It is kind of hard to level at this point. I’m not too sure how other people level characters past 73.

I ran 2 maps trying to look for Zana. I read that some people can run over 20 over maps and not find her. Which is kind of discouraging to read about. My first map was Dunes or something like that, that had Devourers.


These things killed me so many times… Took me my last life to kill the final boss, The Blacksmith. The second map i ran was Tropical Island or something like that. Met Vagan in the map. Atleast there aren’t any Devourers.

Anyway.. Coco Pox, my ranger, is now level 43. Skill tree is here. The skill gems are as follow:
Barrage – Cast on Critical Strike – Arctic Breath.
Ranged Attack Totem – Poison Arrow
Puncture, Fire Trap, Assassin’s Mark, Herald of Ash

I still can’t find another Herald of Ice and Arctic Breath, unlike Ethereal Knives, doesn’t benefit from Herald of Ash. I’m using Arctic Breath instead of Ethereal Knives because of the colors of the sockets on the equip. I couldn’t be bothered to switch with Chromatic Orbs.

But i’m taking a liking to Arctic Breath. So much that i think i’ll use Lesser Multiple Projectile as the 5th gem if i get to 5L. I think LMP would help with the Arctic Breath shotgun explosion.

Assassin’s Mark is really useful for Cast on Crit builds. Mainly because the character doesn’t do much at all if it doesn’t crit. Assassin’s Mark is just a way to activate the critical strikes. Bows and quivers have to be selected based on critical strike chance. And since Coco Pox is not yet in merciless difficulty, i could afford to use a lousy Diamond Ring just for more crits.

Geek Generation out.

Path of Exile: Heralds of Ash and Ice don’t really like to play together

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The more i thought about the Heralds of Ash and Heralds of Ice, the more i felt that they weren’t really meant to be activated on a character at the same time.

The main difference between Herald of Ash and Herald of Ice is the elemental statuses. Herald of Ash’s second ability produces elemental status, burning, after killing a monster with an attack. Herald of Ice’s second ability requires elemental status, frozen, to shatter a monster with a kill to activate. The frozen status is required before the kill.

To take advantage of Herald of Ice, you’ll prolly want a critical strike build so that the monsters would shatter as often as possible. To take advantage of Herald of Ash, you could go scale physical damage or elemental damage to increase the chance of getting a bigger overkill. Though scaling physical damage doesn’t help Herald of Ice.

To further take advantage of Herald of Ash would be to support it with Elemental Proliferation. So that more monsters burn with every kill. Except that elemental status do not proliferate if the monster is shattered as it wold not leave any corpse behind.

Imo, the conclusion is that we should play only either Herald of Ash or Herald of Ice, and not both, Herald of Ash and Ice.

Geek Generation out.

Rng Primer: Monty Hall Problem

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

This post is the follow up to the posts Rng Primer: Gambler’s Fallacy and Coding Luck into a Game. In my last post, i may have put it a little too strongly by saying that “we don’t understand the math behind”. What i meant to say is that even with knowledge of the math behind, we may still make mistake and apply the math wrongly.

Monty Hall Problem

Imagine you’re in a contest and there are three doors. The prize is behind one of the doors while the other two doors open into an empty room. Let’s say the doors are named A, B and C. Not knowing which door opens to what, you make a choice selecting one of the doors, door A.

But the chosen door is not opened immediately. Instead, the game host opens one of the remaining doors, door B, to show that it is empty. The game host then asks if you would like to change to door C or hold on to door A.

Some might think that the prize has 50% chance of being behind either of the remaining doors and hence it doesn’t matter whether door A or C is chosen. But that is incorrect. At this point, swapping to door C actually gives a better probability of winning.

This is so counter-intuitive that many people couldn’t agree with it. That is until they perform the simulations themselves and found that the probability was indeed higher when the swap was made.

I find that the simplest way to explain the Monty Hall Problem is this; instead of 3 doors, imagine 1,000,000 doors. You pick one door and the game host then opens 999,998 doors. Do you make the swap in this scenario? Of course you would. The door you first chose only had one in a million chance of being correct. But the other door has a probability so much higher than 50%.

The reason why i talk about Monty Hall Problem is to highlight that it is entirely possible that the correct math is counter-intuitive to us. That we might have trouble relating to or even interpreting probabilities. That our perception of likelihood is often fundamentally flawed because of our inability to accurately judge and estimate probabilities.

Confounding this problem of interpreting probabilities is our own personal risk adversity and the expected value of the probability.

How likely to happen is the probability 1/6? The question, as it is, is hard to answer.

If you paid $10 roll a 6 sided die, and would win $11 if you rolled a 6, the answer would be 1/6 is not very likely to happen. If instead, you would win a million dollars, then the answer would be that 1/6 is very likely to happen.

Of course, given such exact values and probability, we could easily calculate expected value. ((1/6) x 11) – 10 or ((1/6) x 1000000) – 10. But the fact was that our perception of likelihood of things happening is changed by factors other than the probability itself, which has remained 1/6 in both scenarios.

In alot of other real world problems, the factors are less tangible and expected value and personal risk adversity usually cannot be tagged by numerical values.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.