Path of Exile: Rampage League: Ranger (30)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I got Rainie Ying up to level 70. The repetitive grinding involved in these levels does become a little boring. Further more, the experience is drying up as over leveled experience penalty starts to kick in. Already, there’s experience penalty for farming Docks with Rainie.

I wanted to get a Herald of Ice for Rainie and decided to run a Ranger to get the gem for Rainie. I decided to try playing with Barrage, a skill that i’ve never played before. But after playing for quite abit, i ended up liking it and want to keep the character. Hence Coco Pox is born.

The build is simple, grab all the Increased Projectile nodes in the tree, then use Barrage – Chain – Cast on Critical Strike – Ethereal Knives. And since Barrage and Ethereal Knives both deals physical damage, i’m thinking of scaling the damage with double Heralds of Ash and Ice.

And since Coco Pox, as a ranger, can get both Heralds from quests, the gems are hardly an issue. I also manage to get both Chain and Cast on Critical Strikes from a Gemcutter box earlier this week. I was literally dancing when that happened.

But that means i’m still missing a Herald of Ice for Rainie Ying : (

Anyway.. the problem with the build is when deciding what gem to use for the 5th link, if i get it the 5th link that is. I wanted to add one more spell for Cast on Critical Strikes, but there isn’t any more physical damage spell that’s also a projectile. There’s Arctic Breath which is a projectile, but doesn’t have physical damage. And there’s Glacial Cascade which has physical damage but isn’t a projectile.

I think i’ll go with Glacial Cascade first and change to Arctic Breath when i have it. Choosing Arctic Breath over Glacial Cascade because it can chain.

Ok, so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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