Path of Exile: Rampage League: Scion (72)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I’ve finally managed to push Rainie Ying to level 72. I remember several leagues back that level 72 is enough to put you into the league’s ladder board. But now, with Rampage league, the lowest level, on page 750, rank number 15,000, is level 83. Woah.. at this rate, i’ll never make an appearance on the ladder board.

I also haven’t completed any challenges yet. Probably i should spend some time into completing the Full Clear challenge. I think that’s the only challenge i can complete *sigh*

I finally got around to reading Herald of Ice’s text, and realized that the damage is not scaled from physical damage the way Herald of Ash does. Which in turn meant that the Increased Physical Damage for bows in Rainie’s passive tree does not have any synergy with Herald of Ice.

Panicking and since i had lots of refund points, i refunded all physical damage nodes and moved toward increased elemental damage nodes. The end result is that i lost dps. I’m not sure if it’s because i have less % increment from the passive tree or if it’s because my Herald of Ice is rather low in level.

All in all, current objectives for this league is to complete the Full Clear challenge and level up enough to do some maps to find Zana to level Zana to level 2 to invite her to the hideout.

Geek Generation out.

Edit: I forgot to linke Rainie’s passive tree.


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