Path of Exile: Heralds of Ash and Ice don’t really like to play together

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The more i thought about the Heralds of Ash and Heralds of Ice, the more i felt that they weren’t really meant to be activated on a character at the same time.

The main difference between Herald of Ash and Herald of Ice is the elemental statuses. Herald of Ash’s second ability produces elemental status, burning, after killing a monster with an attack. Herald of Ice’s second ability requires elemental status, frozen, to shatter a monster with a kill to activate. The frozen status is required before the kill.

To take advantage of Herald of Ice, you’ll prolly want a critical strike build so that the monsters would shatter as often as possible. To take advantage of Herald of Ash, you could go scale physical damage or elemental damage to increase the chance of getting a bigger overkill. Though scaling physical damage doesn’t help Herald of Ice.

To further take advantage of Herald of Ash would be to support it with Elemental Proliferation. So that more monsters burn with every kill. Except that elemental status do not proliferate if the monster is shattered as it wold not leave any corpse behind.

Imo, the conclusion is that we should play only either Herald of Ash or Herald of Ice, and not both, Herald of Ash and Ice.

Geek Generation out.


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