Path of Exile: Rampage League: Ranger (43)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I guess i have to put off leveling Rainie Ying at level 73. It is kind of hard to level at this point. I’m not too sure how other people level characters past 73.

I ran 2 maps trying to look for Zana. I read that some people can run over 20 over maps and not find her. Which is kind of discouraging to read about. My first map was Dunes or something like that, that had Devourers.


These things killed me so many times… Took me my last life to kill the final boss, The Blacksmith. The second map i ran was Tropical Island or something like that. Met Vagan in the map. Atleast there aren’t any Devourers.

Anyway.. Coco Pox, my ranger, is now level 43. Skill tree is here. The skill gems are as follow:
Barrage – Cast on Critical Strike – Arctic Breath.
Ranged Attack Totem – Poison Arrow
Puncture, Fire Trap, Assassin’s Mark, Herald of Ash

I still can’t find another Herald of Ice and Arctic Breath, unlike Ethereal Knives, doesn’t benefit from Herald of Ash. I’m using Arctic Breath instead of Ethereal Knives because of the colors of the sockets on the equip. I couldn’t be bothered to switch with Chromatic Orbs.

But i’m taking a liking to Arctic Breath. So much that i think i’ll use Lesser Multiple Projectile as the 5th gem if i get to 5L. I think LMP would help with the Arctic Breath shotgun explosion.

Assassin’s Mark is really useful for Cast on Crit builds. Mainly because the character doesn’t do much at all if it doesn’t crit. Assassin’s Mark is just a way to activate the critical strikes. Bows and quivers have to be selected based on critical strike chance. And since Coco Pox is not yet in merciless difficulty, i could afford to use a lousy Diamond Ring just for more crits.

Geek Generation out.


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