Diablo III: Finished Act 5, No More Nightmare

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

So i just finished Act 5, played an adventure and though it was pretty cool. There seems to be more stuff to kill in adventure mode.

After that, i thought i’ll start with the Nightmare difficulty. Except that i couldn’t find it. I soon realized that the difficulties are no longer divided into Normal, Nightmare, Merciless and Diablo III’s 4th difficulty. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t called Merciless back when those difficulties were around. Merciless was Path of Exile’s difficulty.

Apparently, the old difficulty system was scrapped. And boy am i glad to see it go. Finally, the whole can’t waypoint back to a previous Act is starting to fit in. The Campaign mode is like a linear timeline where you can only go forward while the Adventure mode is like a kind of world map, where you can waypoint back and forth.

I’m assuming progression is now like, play campaign, then level up the rest of the character levels via adventure mode’s bounties. Though i’m not sure if there’s any achievement that requires completion of campaign in another difficulty. All in all, i think this change in difficulty is a good change.

I know all these are old news for most people. But as a returning player, these are all new to me, lol.

Geek Generation out.


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