Casual Gaming: Castle Clash

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I picked up another casual game. This one is called Castle Clash.


It’s some kind of.. i think the genre is called castle defence. In any case, that’s what i’m calling in. Basically, you get your own little town that consists of little buildings. There’s a town hall, defensive towers for shooting enemies, resource generation buildings, resource storage buildings, barracks for building offensive troops.

It’s mostly an MMO pvp where you send your offensive troops to knockdown other players’ buildings and grab their resources. The type of top feeds on bottom, pay-to-play feeds on free-to-play type of games.

The game is a little different from other castle defence games. In Castle Clash, there are hero units, and there is quite a strong emphasis on the heroes.

The town hall in Castle Clash is quite different from other castle defence games. The town hall is not a critical building in combat. Loss and victory does not depend on the destruction of the town hall; instead it depends on destroying a certain percentage of building value. Also, it seems that the town hall does not govern the maximum level of your other buildings.

Maybe i’ll screenshot what my town/castle looks like some time later.

Geek Generation out.


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