Geek Generation is back

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus. After my week of vacation in Hong Kong, i kind of gotten hit by a spell of lazy bones. But i’m back now.

What’s up with my gaming these days? Well, it was the holidays and Steam had holiday sales. I bought X-Com Enemy Within (expansion) and Kerbal Space Program. It turns out that i had little patience for exploring Kerbal Space Program. The tutorials was more wall of text than visual, which doesn’t help much. I gave up after fifteen minutes.

I played Enemy Within over the weekend and it’s still fun. I really like the cybernetic mods compared to the gene mods. But the weapons seemed kind of.. limited in ammo. I made a Railgun for my cybernetic soldier, but it was good for only 1 shot before needing a reload. And i’ve never hit with the Railgun before.

I managed to get a hand me down smart phone. A Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes, i know some really kind people who’d help me out when i’m down and out ^.^ Sure i’m a wage slave. But as i like to tell others, some types of jobs in my country (Singapore) has minimum wage. Or is going to get minimum wage. Cleaners are supposedly going to get minimum wage of 1000sgd some time.. i don’t know when.

So i’ll be saying like i am not a cleaner. While i meant to imply that i work for much less than minimum wage of a cleaner, some people actually thought i meant that i was getting more than a cleaner.. But enough of unhappy stuff, i digressed.

So i have a smart phone, which means i can now play phone games. Pretty neat. I’m playing Clash of Clans, Angry Birds Epic and Clumsy Ninja on my phone. I don’t have a data plan though, so i only get to play Clash of Clans and Angry Birds Epic when i have wifi at home.

I kind of don’t like Clash of Clans compared to Castle Clash because of the difficulty in getting free gems (cash currency) (cash currency are currency bought with real world money, like sgd). Some weeks into the game i still haven’t gotten my third builder for Clash of Clans.

Clumsy Ninja is a casual endless grind game. Speaking of casual games, i’m still on Castle Clash and Clicker Heroes on the PC. There’s something about endless grind games like Clicker Heroes and Clumsy Ninja that attracts me. In terms of browser games, i still am playing Hattrick, Mousehunt, Ghost Trappers, Fish Wrangler. But i kind of dropped Settlers Online.

I’m still playing Path of Exile; playing in the new league. I’ll talk about that one later. I’m still on hiatus for Hearthstone. I want to play Hearthstone, but can’t help but feel like i’ve fallen behind with the advent of Gnomes vs Goblins expansion.

I’m thinking maybe i should dunk in like 2000g to buy GvG packs (are they 100g each?) so i can get right into GvG content. Considering that if i average 4 wins on the arena, GvG packs, if at 100g each, would be the price i’m getting if i played arena except that simply buying 2000g worth of packs is much faster. Not to mention that with the lengthy hiatus and new GvG content, it’s unlikely that i’ll average 4 wins in Arena.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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