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Life is Strange: Chrysalis

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Sorry again for the procrastination. Long periods away tend to disrupt my usual undertakings. I have a tendency of not returning to games and stuff.


Warning, possible spoilers.

Anyway, i saw this game on Steam, girl protagonist, photograph taking, and i thought it was an old game, Fatal Frame. So i bought it only to realize later that it was a new and different game. In fact, of the five episodes i bought, only the first eppy is released. Next eppy is scheduled for March and the rest are T.B.A. -_-

My first play through, i decided to keep to myself and not talk to anyone unnecessarily, especially if i suspected that they were in the Vortex Club. I finished the entire eppy in an hour or two. Which in my opinion is way too short.

Overall, i still quite liked the game. Story telling rpg is my kind of thing. The ability to rewind time is what sets it apart from other adventure like rpg. In some rpg, where the player is given choices, the only way to make a different choice is to reload from a saved game. The process of saving and reloading, is kind of immersion breaking.

By building time rewind into the game, Life is Strange makes the very process of changing choices a part of the game. The game makes it a point to remind the player that certain choices are a cog in the butterfly chain and that there was still time to rewind time to change to a different choice.

However, this reminder had on one occasion, served to break immersion. In Chloe’s house, when going through the garage, Chloe’s father had not returned home. But going through the files and causes the reminder to pop up, warning/spoiling ahead that something is going to happen in the scenes in that house.

First eppy was on 30th Jan, second eppy is coming in March, i hope it doesn’t take half a year to release all five eppys.

The eppy is named Chrysalis. I thought eppy one would have begun the search for Rachel and that i would’ve stumble across some alien/unexplainable Chrysalis. The main grouse is that the eppy is too short. I hope the other eppys are going to be longer. But all in all, still a pretty neat game.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.