Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl: First Impression

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Tavern Brawl was available to play yesterday and boy was it over-hyped. Before i begin, Let me talk a little about Casual and Ranked play modes.

When i first started playing Hearthstone, i always went for Casual mode. After a while, the decks i encountered became so hard to win against that i switched to Ranked mode. Daily quests felt like they were easier to complete when playing in Ranked mode.

I never knew that Casual mode had an internal elo system too. I always thought that it just paired you randomly with whoever else clicked on Casual and that over time, strong players came to feast on the new players in Casual mode and all new players migrated to ranked mode.

But every now and then i would alternate between playing Casual mode and Ranked mode. But with the introduction of golden heroes, i never went back to Casual mode. The thought process was like: If i’m playing constructed, why would i play anything other than Ranked mode? Casual mode doesn’t help me work toward getting a golden hero.

The same fate that has befallen Casual mode awaits Tavern Brawl. After my first game, and getting that pack, there isn’t any compulsion to play any more Tavern Brawl. I would rather spend time playing my own constructed decks to work toward a golden hero. There’s not even an achievement or ladder board for playing Tavern Brawl.

It was not like an adventure where i would end the game with a couple more cards. Those cards would in turn generate more interests in Hearthstone as i thought about how i could fit those cards into existing decks, whether i could build decks around those cards etc.

With constructed on Ranked mode, even if i were net decking, i would’ve attempted to tune it to my own particular play style. Even if i didn’t tune the deck, i would at least have dragged/double clicked the cards to fill the deck. When i win a game because of certain tuned cards that i put in, it gives me satisfaction. It makes me feel like i was kind of clever. With preconstructed decks, Tavern Brawl didn’t seem very satisfying.

But to be fair, Tavern Brawl wasn’t all bad. I liked the idea of pitting Nefarian against Raganaros for the fact that the decks are an asymmetric match. There are lots of big minions and big effects, which is not something you can do with constructed.

Personally, i think Tavern Brawl works better for people who have lots of friends playing the game. It lets friends duel each other while eliminating/minimizing the power level differences in card collection between friends. A player who has an extensive collection could duel a friend who’s just starting out on Tavern Brawl without the advantage of a bigger collection.

I really hope they could add some weekly leader board for Tavern Brawl. They are counting the number of Tavern Brawl wins already, so it should be small matter to implement it. They could make Tavern Brawl both free to play, and registered. Registration fees should be similar to Arena, 150g. All who registered gets a Classic pack (at end of Brawl week). This helps new players to get Classic cards. Like Arena, Tavern Brawl should award goodies hidden in gift boxes. Top 5% of the leaderboard gets 4 gift boxes, top 10% 3 gift boxes, top 20% 2 gift boxes etc. Leaderboards are reset for every brawl.

With such a system, or similar system, in place, players would get more incentive to play Tavern Brawl. Otherwise, they would always prefer to go for Ranked mode to work toward their golden heroes, or Arena, which has better rewards for the time put in.

Last but not least, Tavern Brawl has more modes, hopefully, those other modes do not disappoint. Geek Generation out.


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