Hearthstone: Dr. Boom’s Fate

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.


Since i crafted Dr. Boom, i thought i’ll start chucking it into all my decks, from control, to mid-range to aggro, to Grim Patron combo. Yes, it fits everywhere.

Novice_Engineer Sylvanas_Windrunner

The sad reality of card games is that cards that go into every deck will be banned or nerfed. This is true for all rarities of cards, i.e. Novice Engineer, Sylvanas Windrunner.

Card games like Magic the Gathering can afford to be more forgiving to powerful cards because they have some sort of rotation scheme. Every year, entire block of cards are rotated out of the season and become useless in the competitive scene. So designers can just wait a card out of existence as long as it does not break the game. Additionally, powerful cards help drive the secondary market, which i believe supports the health of a game in some way.

[b]Battlecry[/b]: Summon two 1/1 Boom Bots.
In Hearthstone, there is no rotation and the pool of cards grows indefinitely as more cards are introduced. Cards can be used competitively as long as the game servers remain. There is then a need to constantly revisit cards to maintain a balanced game.

However, all is not lost for Dr. Boom supporters. There is a chance that Dr. Boom might not get nerfed. That is if there is a change in design philosophy that we do not know of. Perhaps the designers had planned to bring the “power level” of the game, with future expansions, to the level of Dr. Boom. Maybe Dr. Boom is designed to be so powerful.

Personally, i think Dr. Boom is fine as it is. The reason i say this is that as more and more minions with Deathrattle get released, their staying power or their value per card would increase and up to a certain point, Dr. Boom’s relevance would diminish.

Conspiracy or not, i do believe the designers made Dr. Boom powerful so people would spend money to buy GvG packs. Probably they would nerf Dr. Boom some time before the next expansion comes around to pave the way for the next legendary mascot.

What do you think Dr. Boom’s fate will be? Geek Generation out.

Dr. Boom nerf?
Dr_Boom_7_5 Dr_Boom_9_mana

Boombot nerf?
Boombot_Small Boombot_MinionOnly

Or both? Or reboot?

Cards made using www.hearthcards.net


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