Hearthstone: Just crafted Dr Boom, yay!

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

When i first began talking about Hearthstone, I recommended that everyone should play arena instead of straight up buying packs. Reasons i cited was that you gain experience playing arena, something which does not come from straight up buying packs.

Also, if you get like 4 wins consistently, which shouldn’t be difficult to achieve once you’ve clocked some amount of experience, the rewards would tend to cover the the extra 50g you paid, effectively bringing down the price of your arena pack down to 100g.

However, quite abit has changed since then. First off, i’m lacking alot of cards required to play some of the newer decks. I want those cards and i want them now.

Secondly, arena now only rewards GvG packs, which means i would have to buy Classic packs if i want to open them. Or get lucky and get the spectator quest etc. Thirdly, i don’t really have much time to play these days. Which makes getting packs through arena a really long process.

So i decided to spend all of my 4000g to get 20 GvG and 20 Classic packs. There’s something addictively enjoyable about cracking packs open. I’m down to 0g now, my plans for the future in Hearthstone would be to start saving up 3500g for future adventures before i start playing arena.

Lots of people seem to estimate a rate of income of 100g per day. But that rate seems rather high for a casual player. My personal estimate is 50g per day, which means… a whole 2 months before i start playing arena O.o


40 packs cracked open, i got a lengendary which isn’t much useful, i think.

Millhouse_Manastorm_Gold Dr_Boom

Anyway, i had a golden Millhouse Manastorm in the inventory. Browsing the online information, the general consensus seems to be to disenchant golden Millhouse Manastorm and craft a better legendary with it. So i went with it and made Dr Boom.

The only risk of bad dust econmics is i opened another Dr Boom and Dr Boom didn’t get nerfed. I would end up with an extra copy. Or if Dr Boom were nerfed, and i didn’t refund it (because i’m a natural hoarder), and i opened another Dr Boom after the full refund was over.

In any case, considering my plan of saving 3500g, i think the probability of me getting a second Dr Boom in the next couple months seem pretty low.

Gelbin_Mekkatorque_Gold Elite_Tauren_Chieftain_Gold

Anyway, the decision to disenchant Millhouse Manastorm came down to the fact that i could never get a complete golden set. So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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