Hearthstone: Play and Mulligan of Zoolock (Eloise’s List)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Before i started recording the win rates, i played the following decklist quite abit to learn it. I still make alot of mistakes every now and then, but it’s becoming better. My practice session took me from rank 15 to rank 11. Rank 11 is when i started recording the win rate and i managed to push into rank 9 before dropping back down to rank 10. I’ll post the win rates once i clocked a hundred games with it.

2 x Power Overwhelming
2 x Imp-losion

2 x Abusive Sergeant
2 x Flame Imp
2 x Leper Gnome
2 x Voidwalker
1 x Annoy-o-Tron
2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
1 x Haunted Creeper
1 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Knife Juggler
2 x Nerubian Egg
2 x Imp Gang Boss
1 x Void Terror
2 x Defender of Argus
1 x Enhance-o Mechano
1 x Piloted Shredder
2 x Doomguard

First thing thing to do when playing aggro decks is to always check for lethal. One of my most common mistakes is to play alot of stuff and attack some scary minions only to realize later i missed the exact lethal that i had. Missing lethal is particularly dangerous for aggro decks, against a Warrior or Priest, it means 2 more damage required. Against Druids, Warriors, it means one more turn for them to combo out, against all decks, there’s always a chance for them to draw into a board clear, Malganis, Antique Healbot. Not checking for lethal could easily cost the game.

The other thing is playing Doomguard early. Sure, the opponent might have Hex or Polymorph, but there is nothing in the deck to bait out those cards. The best thing this deck could hope for is for the opponent to spend the turn playing the answer to Doomguard letting your other minions hit for one more time. Playing as early also reduces of having 2 Doomguards in hand, which is truly a wrecker for the deck. Not only is having getting a Doomguard discarded a lost opportunity, it’s valuable information for your opponent. It makes them feel safer and could play riskier. Or rather, makes their risky plays not so risky. It’s tempting to be greedy with card advantage and play everything else before playing Doomguard, but sometimes, an Ironbeak Owl that didn’t silence anything on their way to the board isn’t going to help much and would probably just die to AoE collateral damage. Think of Doomguard as a Pit Lord. Would anyone prefer to play Pit Lord on turn 6 instead of turn 4?

Last but not least, Enhance-o Mechano. Do not try to be greedy with this card. If the opponent clears the board before this is played, this would effectively become a dead card. Enhance-o Mechano works pretty much like a Doomguard. Slapping Power Overwhelming onto a minion with Windfury would easily achieve 10 damage. So always play Enhance-o Mechano before playing Power Overwhelming. Also, it’s important to keep in mind what Enhance-o Mechano do. Playing it onto a board of Nerubian Eggs and Annoy-o-Tron isn’t going to achieve anything.

When playing with Defender of Argus, always keep in mind that Imp Gang Boss can usually generate a minion for Defender of Argus. Unless Hellfire is expected, try to play Defender of Argus over Piloted Shredder on turn 4.

Mulligan Strategy

Generally, always mulligan all Doomguards, 4 drops, and Void Terrors. Unless you drew into a hand of double Nerubian Eggs and Void Terror with a Coin.

Against Hunters, if going first, keep all one drops and mulligan everything else (but keep Annoy-o-Tron and Ironbeak Owl). Going second, keep one 1 drop and mulligan everything else that’s not a Taunt. Playing against Hunters, always remember that Imps from Imp-losion are a liability because of Unleash the Hounds. Clear the board of beasts as far as possible to deactivate Kill Command. Activate Nerubian Eggs early to prompt for Kill Commands. Do not save Ironbeak Owls for Savannah Highmane, use it on the Mad Scientist.

Hunters generally have only 3 types of traps, Snake Traps, Explosive Traps, and Freezing Trap. The sad thing is that this deck is screwed most of the time if it’s a Snake Trap. The only answer to a Snake Trap for this deck is Taunting. Make sure to play around both Freezing Traps and Explosive Traps. If there are 2 minions that would die to Explosive Traps and have a Power Overwhelming instead of Defender of Argus, Play Power Overwhelming on a minion, then attack with the underwhelming minion to trigger the traps. Attack a minion, in case Explosive Trap is trigger first. Because of the possibility of Explosive Trap, never ever play Flame Imp -> Coin -> Flame Imp.

The way to tell if it is an aggro Warlock or a Handlock is on turn 2; whether they play a minion or draw a card. Sometimes though, it could be a demon zoo with bad starting hand. Since we can’t tell which kind of Warlock it is during the mulligan phase, it’s better to err on Aggro Warlock. Because it is cheaper and more common. Of course, at other levels of play, the meta might change affecting this strategy. Against Warlock, mulligan everything that’s not Flame Imp or Taunt. Keeping Imp Gang Boss is ok if you have the Coin. Playing Abusive Sergeant or Leper Gnome on turn 1 is bad because the opponent might respond with turn 1 Voidwalker. Aggainst aggro, pray that you activate more eggs than the opponent.

If it’s a demon deck, keep Ironbeak Owl for Malganis. If Voidcaller does not attack your minions, kill it as quickly as possible, because it might be that the opponent does not have any demons in hand. If it’s Handlock, don’t be afraid to throw Power Overwhelming in to kill off the huge minions. Because, they’re just going to Taunt up anyway. Try to bring the opponent as close to 13 health as possible for end of turn. Once you go past that, it’s basically saying, “Ok, bring out your Molten Giants, I’m gonna race you.”. Do not despair when Jaraxxus hits the table, and deal with the bm.

I’m losing to Mage alot. So i’m probably playing it wrong or something. Do not be afraid to play turn 1 Leper Gnome if you have something to play on turn 2. The opponent might hero power it, but atleast that’s slowing down his/her tempo, if he/she is playing a tempo deck that is. Do not play turn 1 Abusive Sergeant, sometimes, your need that to kill of turn 1 Mechwarper, assuming there was a turn 1 Voidwalker or Leper Gnome. Keep eggs around and at full health for Flamestrike. And do not forget that Ironbeak Owl can remove Freeze effects.

Mulligan everything that’s not turn 1 play. It’s ok to play turn 1 Leper Gnome to delay Wild Growth. Do not play Abusive Sergeant to push for damage, keep them for the Taunt wall ahead. Activate eggs as quickly as possible, and reduce collateral damage from Swipe. It’s ok to eat up Leper Gnomes and Abusive Sergeants with Void Terror if you don’t have Defender of Argus.

Mullian everything that’s not a Taunt or Flame Imp. It’s ok to keep Knife Jugglers. Either play to encourage an early Consecrate or discourage Consecrate with Nerubian Eggs. Personally, i do not like to discourage Consecrate, because Nerubians are easily dealt with by Truesilver Champions. Pray very hard to the god of jugglers to knife every Divine Shield and that the opponent doesn’t have both Equality and Consecrate at the same time. When approaching turn 5, kill off some of the soldiers to anticipate Quatermaster. Remember that Ironbeak Owl can remove the effects of Aldor Peackeeper and Humility.

Pretty much the same strategy as Druid with the additional concern of not buffing your 4 power minions. Minions with 4 power tend to make Priests make weird plays. Also, instead of activating the eggs, keep them around to make Priests make weird plays as they consider their Holy Nova. I’m guessing if Nerubians were not 4 power, there would not be so much weird stuff going on with Priests.

I hate Shamans. And it has nothing to do with the deck. Any deck i play, i tend to lose against Shamans. All i can say is mulligan for 1 drops and keep Nerubian Eggs for Lightning Storm.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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