Hearthstone: Too Many Portals

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

This week’s Tavern Brawl is Too Many Portals. I kind of like Tavern Brawls where i can choose my own classes. Mainly because i can complete the daily quests with them. This is especially helpful in servers where my collection is basically newbie. Unless, of course, if it is something like Banana Brawl.

Too Many Portals decks are 23 Unstable Portals with 7 randomly selected spells. I’m not too sure if weapons were included in the pool for selection; i didn’t see any weapons when i was playing with Rogue.

Ancestor's_Call Far_Sight

I played with Rogue, Shaman and Warlock for Tavern Brawl, the worst of those three classes, in my opinion, has to be Shaman. Because getting cards like Ancestor’s Call and Far Sight doesn’t do anything for the deck.


Strategy wise, i think if you got the Coin, it’s best not to coin out Unstable Portal on turn one. Because, if you don’t get a 3 drop from it, the Coin would be wasted as you did not acquire any tempo. Barring the exceptional cases where you have Flamewaker or the opponent has Fel Reaver, playing Unstable Portal does not really do anything. It’s like a ticket to exchange for a random minion at the cost of 2 mana. The better play would be to keep the Coin for when you can actually utilize it to acquire tempo. I.E. Getting a 4 drop from a turn 2 Unstable Portal.

On the Asia server, it was weird. The Tavern Brawl was Nefarian vs Ragnaros; i even got the weekly pack from it. Oh well.. Geek Generation out.

Edit: Just to add to what i said earlier; Unstable Portal is actually a great tempo card. It is one of the reasons why it’s included in Tempo Mage decks. The reason Unstable Portal isn’t a tempo card in this Brawl, is because, barring cases of Sap, Gang Up and the like, every other minion is also going to get the same mana discount. So in that sense, Unstable Portal by itself, does not acquire tempo. Which is why the Coin should not be used for Unstable Portal. Unless playing Hunter and feeling lucky..


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  1. I’ve not tried one of the brawls yet. I’m very much learning the ropes at the moment.

    • Ah.. you should try it though. Alot of the brawls are done with pre-made decks, so players without a large collection still have a decent chance of winning. The brawls are giving away one classic pack for the first win, only available during launch period (this couple weeks, only one or two brawls left, i think). Try get them while the rewards are ongoing, the pack will help with your collection too.

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