Life Is Strange: Dark Room

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I’m gonna talk about Life is Strange episode 4, Dark Room. So warning, spoilers ahead.

In episode 3, Max traveled way back in time to stop Chloe’s dad from dying, which had a very big impact on Chloe’s life. The consequence was that things changed alot more than what Max had in mind and Chloe’s life took a turn for the worse in the chain of butterfly effect.

I’m glad that the timeline in episode 4 was reset right after the first segment of the episode. It meant that all the choices in previous episodes weren’t simply erased. Though the choice of “helping” Chloe or not might not matter in the last episode, it’s all good. It’s only one choice in one scene.

I saw in the choices tab that one of the events was having Kate help you. Though i didn’t get that sequence, it’s really nice to know that managing to save Kate does result in her appearing in this episode. Finally, we’re starting to see the shape of things that are as consequences of events in the past.

There’s also the kill Frank option. I’m guessing that is dependent on getting the gun back in previous episodes. I need to play out my other two save slots to see these sequences.

I really liked the twist in last scene. The psychopath is certainly not who i was expecting. And is Chloe really truly dead? I’m thinking.. there’s was that selfie photo which Chloe photo bombed. Maybe Max could do the photo time travel thing again, using that photo. Maybe there’s a chance Chloe could be alive in the last episode.

But then again, there’s gonna be butterfly effect. Save Chloe and Max ends up in a wheelchair herself?

Anyway, Dark Room ties up alot of loose ends introduced in Chaos Theory, and i’m pretty satisfied with how the story is turning out. There’s only one thing left that i hope to see from the story. And that’s Max dyeing her hair blue : D

Geek Generation out.


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