Hearthstone: Dragon Paladin

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I tried to tune the Dragon Priest, but the more i fiddled with it, the lower my rank dropped. Giving up, i tried to make Dragon decks for other classes. I tried with Druid, Hunter and Paladin. My favorite class among these classes for Dragon deck is Paladin. Hunter is also pretty cool, i’ll pin the Hunter version up later.

Dragon Paladin

2 x Muster for Battle
2 x Truesilver Champion
2 x Consecration

1 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Faerie Dragon
1 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Shielded Minibot
2 x Aldor Peacekeeper
2 x Blackwing Technician
1 x Kezan Mystic
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Blackwing Corruptor
2 x Dragon Consort
1 x Emperor Thaurissan
2 x Volcanic Drake
1 x Dr. Boom
1 x Lay on Hands
1 x Chromaggus
1 x Nefarian


The deck best combo is Muster for Battle. With turn 2 Shielded Minibot followed by turn 3 Muster for Battle, sometimes it’s possible to summon both Blackwing Technician and Volcanic Drake on turn 4. While the Volcanic Drake is not really a very sticky minion, it’s “hit it very hard” ability means that it demands an immediate answer from the opponent.

This deck has less “missing Dragon” problems because, together with Dragon Consort, there are 10 dragons in the deck.

If you have Tirion Fordring, it could probably replace Dr. Boom or one of the late game dragons that you don’t like. As for a non-crafted legendary replacement for Dr. Boom.. I can’t think of any minion that could help out that much, though Coghammer, Blessing of Kings or Equality could probably replace Dr. Boom.

One thing to note though is that the weapon from Muster for Battle could become a liability if the opponent has Harrison Jones. Use it quickly or replace it.

Geek Generation out.


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