Guild of Dungeoneering: First Impression

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I was looking through Steam curator, Total Biscuit’s list and found the review for Guild of Dungeoneering. Watched the video’s criticisms and i thought that the negative oarts of the game don’t seem like they would bother me much. Went to look at metacritc score, which seemed quite alright, except that the number of reviews wasn’t that much. But the game did seem like something that i would like.

After the first couple of hours, i felt that the biggest issue i have with the game is hardly the repetitive slow animations. It’s the inability to replay dungeons that you have completed. Which makes grinding for gold a really weird affair. Does it mean i have to keep failing dungeons to grind for gold?

The game is basically a card game, somewhat like Card Hunter. Each hero have their own set of cards and acquire equipment in a dungeon to modify the card set. The heroes do not keep their levels or equipment between dungeons. This is good in a way for a Roguelike game, as there isn’t a feeling of loss when a hero dies in Guild of Dungeoneering. Heroes are automatically replaced when they die. There is no cost for failing and retrying a dungeon. In fact, as mentioned earlier, it seems to be the only way to grind for gold.

The game doesn’t seem to have alot of information about its mechanics. It took me quite awhile to realize that the heroes do not accumulate experience. They seem to level up when they kill an equal level monster.

I completed the first dungeon, “Rats? How Original” and got stucked in “Firelord” for a long time as i kept getting destroyed by Embro. In the end, i switched to another dungeon, “Gobliiins”.

The way i won Gobliiins was to play Bruiser, level it up to level 4 and kept killing level 3 monsters to collect level 3 equipment. The idea is to have lots of physical (red) block and a couple strong attack cards, or something that can boost your next attack while blocking.

Despite the seeming difficulty in earning gold, i did find myself quite liking the game. As with all card games, there’s the element of RNG (randomness), but there’s also quite abit of min-max planning involved.

All in all, Guild of Dungeoneering is more puzzle-like than Roguelike. If you like to give try out a roguelike without the genre being too daunting, Guild of Dungeoneering is definitely worth exploring.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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