Hearthstone: 54 Games of Face Hunter

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I went to hearthpwn.com to grab a deck list for Face Hunter. I made a change for one of the card; i don’t remember what the original card was; the card i changed to was Flare. Here’s the deck list i was using.

Face Hunter
1 x Hunter’s Mark
2 x Glaivezooka
2 x Explosive Trap
1 x Flare
2 x Quick Shot
1 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Kill Command
2 x Unleash the Hounds

2 x Abusive Sergeant
2 x Leper Gnome
2 x Haunted Creeper
1 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Knife Juggler
2 x Mad Scientist
2 x Arcane Golem
2 x Wolfrider

The thing with Flare is that in all the games i played, my Flare did not destroy any secrets at all.

The deck does not have any drop higher than 3 mana. But that doesn’t mean the decks isn’t mana intensive. Because from turn 4 to turn 5 onwards, i’ll usually want to use the hero power every turn. There are no conditional Houndmasters, sticky but slow Piloted Shredders and it’s like. Not even Loatheb.

Aside from careful mana management, there’s the need to consider keeping a Haunted Creeper for Kill Command activation because the deck is rather light on beasts. Running Kill Command off Unleash the Hounds together with the hero power requires 8 mana!

The other important thing to manage is the lone Ironbeak Owl and Hunter’s Mark. They’re the most precious asset in the deck. Most players probably assume that Hunters play only one of each of those cards, and tend to bait those cards out. Try not to fall for those baits.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Face Hunter is not all about hitting the face. It does somewhat manage the board to prevent unfavorable trades. The deck simply cannot let an enemy Knife Juggler live. And certainly shouldn’t let a Silver Hand Recruit live if there’s a full health Haunted Creeper on board.

The deck also needs a little restraint when playing against heroes with early board clear. It’s all too easy to play out everything and run out of gas when the opponent clears the board. Like on turn 6, if you have 2 Arcane Golems in hand, it’s better to play one Arcane Golem, hero power and do the same thing the next turn, rather than playing both Golems on turn 6.

Mulligan Strategy
– Leper Gnomes
– Haunted Creepers
– Knife Jugglers
– 1 Mad Scientist
– 1 Abusive Sergeant if you don’t have any of the previous minions.
– 2 Abusive Sergeants if you have any of those or a Glaivezooka.
– 1 Glaivezooka if you have a 1 drop or 2 drop with Coin.
– Animal Companions.
– Consider mulligan-ing everything if there’s no 1 drop without Coin.
– Flare if playing against Hunters and Mages.

Not that Flare is intended to play early, it’s just that it could be hard to draw into it again.

Job Wins Losses Total
Hunter 9 (81%) 2 11
Paladin 7 (63%) 4 11
Warrior 4 4 8
Mage 6 0 6
Warlock 4 1 5
Druid 3 1 4
Rogue 2 2 4
Shaman 2 1 3
Priest 2 0 2
Total 39 (72%) 15 54

I started at rank 15, ended at rank 6 when i stopped. Rank 6 is the highest i ever got to. The deck seems pretty good, plus i had lots of practice with a Hunter variation; 101 games of Hyenas and Hounds. I’m guessing secrets really make a difference. But then again, it could be the Charge minions making a difference.

The win percentages seem rather high, so it could be a streak of good luck. Best to take those numbers with a pinch of salt. Geek Generation out.


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