Guild of Dungeoneering: Understanding More

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I put in a couple more hours into Guild of Dungeoneering. I’ve decided that suiciding dungeoneers to grind for glory (currency, it’s not gold) is totally not worth the time. Suiciding dungeoneers is definitely not the best way to collect glory in the game.

Completing the first chapter gives a reward of over a thousand glory. So it’s best not to suicide grind for those 500g rooms, unless you’re like only a 100g short or something.

During combat, after making a choice, the other cards get turned over and has some animation. For a long while, i thought that the cards that i didn’t choose get reshuffled into the deck. It took me quite awhile to realize that the animations were extraneous; the cards that weren’t chosen stay until the next round.

This opens up alot more strategies when previously i was struggling so hard to win. Being able to plan for the next turn scored me alot more wins.


I found that the best strategy is to capitalize on Warrior’s Spirit and make the first encounter a level 2 monster instead of a level 1 monster. Warrior’s Spirit help alot in killing the higher level monster even when the dungeoneer is naked. Killing a level 2 monster rewards you with level 2 equip, which helps alot when time is against the dungeoneer.

Tips: In timed bosses, the bosses are a little easier if you path to them to fight before the time is up.

Geek Generation out.


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