Hearthstone: Grand Tournament Match

Hello everybody Geek Generation here.

This week’s Tavern Brawl is the Grand Tournament Match, pitting Alleria against Medivh, showcasing cards from the new expansion, The Grand Tournament.

Compared to Nefarian vs Ragnaros, i like this one better because both decks start with 1 mana crystal.


There are players going online to say that Alleria is so much worse than Medivh. But i beg to differ. I think alot of players are stucked in the Face Hunter mentality and try to play as aggressively as possible. Which is usually bad for Alleria in this tavern brawl.


The first thing players new to Alleria must stop doing is to coin out King’s Elekk. Because, unless you have the second King’s Elekk in hand, it’s likely going to be a case of wasted tempo. The coin, if Alleria has it, is much better kept for other uses. The coin triggers off Lock and Load and makes Lock and Load go off a turn sooner.


King’s Elekk is also the smallest Beast available for Ram Wrangler.

Traps are few and previous. Play Freezing Trap only when you have a minion to protect or if you’re racing against Medivh for the last couple health points. It’s hard to say when to play Snipe, but i think it should be played only when you have board control. I.E. You played King’s Elekk and Medivh missed a drop. The best would be if Medivh no longer has Argent Horserider.

Mulligan strategy, go for Animal Companion, King’s Elekk, Arcane Shot, Bear Trap.


Lowly_Squire Boneguard_Lieutenant

The best opening for Medivh is to Coin double Lowly Squire on turn 1. Not getting that, a turn 2 Boneguard Lieutenant is not that bad either if you can follow up with a 3 drop. Do not despair if you do not get an aggressive opening. As long as Alleria does not go crazy with a tempo of big minions, Medivh can still out value Alleria’s deck with Inspire mechanic.

Dragonhawk_Rider Spellslinger

When coming up to turn 3, if Alleria Lock and Loaded, be mindful of Multi-Shot and play Spellslinger over Dragonhawk Rider.

Mulligan strategy, Mulligan everything that’s not 1 or 2 drop. Can keep one 3 drop or one 4 drop with Coin. Mulligan Polymorph: Boar too. It has alot of possible utility, and best kept for later.

Geek Generation out.


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