Guild of Dungeoneering: Cartomancer, Cat Burglar

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.


Cartomancer CronesDiscipline

Cartomancer is probably the most over powered class in the game. The class skill, Card Storm, lets it do tons of damage in a single turn. Even monsters with Tenacious doesn’t work against Cartomancer because of how quickly the dungeoneer can achieve the combo. And also partly because of Cartomancer’s trait, which usually lets it draw another card for the finishing blow.

The blessing Crone’s Discipline is a must. As for equipment, just unlock everything that has Wise trait in it. Do not unlock anything else to minimize dilution of the equipment. Build up Arcane to level 4 quickly and everything is a breeze for Cartomancer.

Cat Burglar

After playing through with Cartomancer, i decided to play again with the Cat Burglar line. After many rounds of death, and realizing that Cat Burglar has the same amount of health as Chump, i was ready to give up on it to get a Bruiser to help advance the Cat Burglar line.

But then, i decided to give it one more try and play to Cat Burglar’s strength. The ability to find good equips quickly. I unlocked a couple more equips, focusing on those that give Health and Growth. Only then could i start winning the dungeons.

Ok, so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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