Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Release

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The Grand Tournament expansion is released today! So exciting. I used gold to buy 30 packs.

Fencing_Coach Lights_Champion

I was really hoping to get Fencing Coach. But i got zero Fencing Coaches. Instead, i got 5 x Light’s Champion -_- I might play Light’s Champion in a demon deck, it can remove humility and freeze after all. The only problem is that Light’s Champion itself is not a demon. I’m guessing Light’s Champion’s design was 100% flavour and 0% utility. I do wonder, though, if Light’s Champion and Demonfuse have any effect on a Jaraxxus hero.

Varian_Wrynn Varian_Wrynn

I was pretty excited when i opened Varian. And when i got a second legendary, i was jumping in joy.. until i revealed it to be a second Varian..


On the last pack, i got another legendary. I was actually worried that it might be a third Varian. Turned out to be Confessor Paletress. 3 legendaries from 30 packs, i’m pretty satisfied ^.^


If you like Druid, go ahead and craft Darnassus Aspirant. They’re gonna be staples, becoming the Druid’s 5 and 6 mana accelerator. And if you’re feeling kinky, you can bounce it to your hand to avoid paying the Deathrattle cost : D

Fist_of_Jaraxxus Powershot Competitive_Spirit Thunder_Bluff_Valiant

These are rares that i think might also become staple.

Totem_Golem Tuskarr_Totemic

Of course, there’s the Shaman’s common cards, Totem Golem and Tuskarr Totemic.

Warhorse_Trainer Confuse

At first i thought Warhorse Trainer is gonna be useful too, until i realized that it’s not a Battlecry effect, but an ongoing effect. If only you could play Priest’s Confuse together with it.


I was really hoping to get Mysterious Challenger. It’s gonna be fun to play with it. Too bad..

Geek Generation out.


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