Hearthstone: Face Hunter No Hand

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

So i decided to try and fit Grand Tournament cards into the Face Hunter deck. Since i didn’t get any Fencing Coach, i decided that Inspire Hunter was not the way to go.


It seemed that Grand Tournament expansion didn’t have much to offer to Face Hunter. Except Brave Archer. I watched the Angry Chicken podcast and they were frowning much on Brave Archer. Brave Hunter is useless, they said.

Well maybe it is. I just felt that Brave Archer is merely trading turn 1 Stealth protection (Worgen Infiltrator) for a possibility of late game play.

I decided to go with the “Do stuff only when your hand is empty” theme. Played a couple games at rank 7, didn’t drop or rise from rank 7.

Face Hunter, No Hand

1 x Hunter’s Mark
2 x Glaivezooka
2 x Explosive Trap
2 x Quick Shot
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Kill Command
2 x Unleash the Hounds

2 x Abusive Sergeant
2 x Brave Archer
2 x Leper Gnome
1 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Knife Juggler
2 x Mad Scientist
2 x Arcane Golem
2 x Wolfrider
2 x Core Rager

So.. what does Core Rager do for the deck? Pretty much nothing. They are basically exactly the same as an unactivated Gormok the Impaler, with the added protection from Rend Blackhand. It doesn’t even help much in activating Kill Command because of its hefty mana cost. Maybe i should replace them with Eaglehorn Bow or Bear Trap.

In the games i played, not once did i get the ideal Brave Archer setup. Probably more games required. In fact, it was pretty hard to go down to zero cards when tend to hero power every turn from turn 4 onwards.

Anyway, my Hunter is now at 270/500 ranked wins. More than half the progress for a golden Hunter. Yesh.. Moar Face Hunter !!

Until next time, me go face; GG out.


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