Hearthstone: New Player Tips

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I had some problems with my computer and wasn’t able to post anything.

Lately, i’ve been playing a little more on the other two servers. Having a rather light collection on those servers, completing daily quests could sometimes be quite a chore. So it got me thinking a little on Hearthstone from a new player’s collection’s perspective. Where sometimes, even Leper Gnomes and Abusive Sergeants, even if they are common, are hard to come by.

For new players who are in the beginnings of building a collection, here are some of the to do things.

Reroll quests

Do not try to roll for 60g quests as a priority. Instead, roll for quests that requires a class which you are more likely to win. Continuously playing a class which you keep losing with is going to be frustrating and discouraging. Instead, go for quests that grant wins to classes which you’re strong in. Also remember, every 3 wins gives 10g.

Pick a strong class

For a new player, not every class has a equal chance of winning. Since most of the minions in the deck are going to be from the basic set, the hero’s power will have to help alot in securing the win. Here’s my analysis of the heroes.

The following are the best for new players, in my opinion.

Mage has Flamestrike for board clear, Frost Bolt and Fireball for dealing damage, Water Elemental, Polymorph and Arcane Intellect is also an auto-include in the deck. Among all the classes, i think Mage would be the best for new players, followed by Hunter.

While Hunter doesn’t have board clear and the hero’s power doesn’t affect the board, its ability to deal 2 damage to the enemy hero, together with Arcane Shot and Kill command, is extremely good for aggressive decks. Try to make some form of Beast deck to make use of double Houndmaster.

Paladin has Consecration for board clear and Truesilver Champion for dealing damage. Add Raid Leader and Stormwind Champion for synergy with hero’s power.

Warlock is better when the collection starts to build up a little and staple aggressive commons like Flame Imp, Power Overwhelming, Leper Gnomes, Abusive Sergeants is available. The idea of such a deck is to fill the board with endless (because of card draw hero power) minions, and hopefully that it would be too much for the opponent to deal with.

Rogue and Druid doesn’t have any strong board clears, and is quite similar to Warlock in that they need a little more cards to become better. Rogue needs Eviscerate, and a host of rares, Druid’s needs Wrath, Druid of the Claw and a host of other rare and epic cards.

Shaman and Priests in their basic form are pretty slow decks. In my opinion, slow games are not in favor of the new player.

Warrior’s hero power does not affect the board. Other than 2 Fiery War Axes, the basic Warrior adds pretty much nothing to the deck.

Use these cards.
2 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Wolfrider
2 x Chillwind Yeti
2 x Stormwind Champion

This should be the starting basis for most of the basic decks. Unfortunately, Ironbeak Owl is not a basic card.

Ok so much for now. Geek Generation out.


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