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What have i been playing for the past week?

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

For the past week, i’ve been playing a little less of Hearthstone. Mostly, i’ve been playing Invisible Inc. The Expert Plus mode was so difficult that i decided that it would be more fun to stop playing that mode. Instead, i went with Endless mode.

Endless mode was so much easier than Expert Plus, that i was playing a little recklessly. But that recklessness was my undoing when i brought it along to missions with security rating 4. I simply forgot that i had to play carefully too when i was playing vanilla Expert mode.

Along with Invisible Inc, i was playing Shadowrun Dragonfall. The first time round, i came to the part where i was attacking the Humanis Policlub. I came to the end part and there sitting in the room, was a matrix terminal. And i hadn’t brought a decker for the mission.

Pissed, i decided to restart the game. This time, my own character was the decker. Which was all fine and dandy until i played a peculiar mission; the spy camera installation mission where i do not get to choose my own team. The mission had no outs except to battle a hoard of Knight Errant enemies. Being a decker, my own firepower was kind of lacking. The mission was impossible to win through violence.

After reading some walkthroughs, it turns out that there was a non-violent way to complete the mission. That was to have picked Security ettiquette in the game. Which was a horrible way to make a game. I’m being penalized for randomly choosing skills in a game that provides no prior information on which is likely to be useful.

Once more, i got myself into a save position where there was no recourse. I’ve spent all my karma and thus couldn’t pick up an ettiquette on the fly.

While i really like the moral dilemmas given by the missions in Shadowrun, this sort of lottery-like skills required in missions is, ultimtely, severly discouraging. I think i’ll give up on Shadowrun.

Geek Generation out.


Invisible Inc: Completed Expert Difficulty

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I stayed up way late last night to finish up a game of Beyond Earth, Rising Tide. Ended up waking way late today. There’s no time savings for staying up late, lol.

I have a strong headache now, but have been playing Invisible Inc for most part of the day. I failed the expert difficulty many times before today. Failed once today, and managed to win it the second time (today) i tried.

I think the previous 2 difficulties doesn’t really prepare you for expert difficulty. In the previous 2 difficulties, i tended to simply hit the rewind button whenever i messed up. With the expert difficulty, there’s only 1 rewind. The rewind became so precious that i tend to look for ways out of a sticky mess instead of simply hitting the rewind.

Here’s a couple of general tips for playing Invisible Inc.

– Always check the Hacking Interface for rebooting cameras. Usually this isn’t a problem, since the game would verbally tell you that cameras are rebooting. Problem’s when you use a rewind. More than once, a rebooted camera, which i hacked away before the rewind, would get me in trouble. Getting in a mess after a rewind is nasty business.

– Always persevere. Remember that this is a stealth game, not a tactical assault. Sometimes, it’s ok to stay put in hiding to wait out the guards. Eventually they’ll spread out a little and you can move again.

– Central or Monst3r is added to your team in the Omni Corp run (last mission). If you used Central or Monst3r in your starting line up, you get less agents in the mission.

– Manage your power. Don’t hack everything for the sake of hacking. Cameras are often good, but sometimes, some cameras are in areas you’ll leave behind and never return after security level 1.

The same goes for power grids. If a power gird isn’t going to hinder you, leave it alone. But if you see a power grid without seeing what it powers, it’s a good idea to hack it. The deactivated stuff pings onto the grid, letting you get an idea of the layout of the map.

Turrets are made up of 2 components, power grid and the gun turret. You only need to hack one part. Hack both parts only when you really intend to kill something with it. Once you got a turret going, you can carried KOed guards to the killing machine, or hack a camera drone to move to it. If a guard starts shooting your captured turret from outside its line of sight, you can toggle the power off. I’m not sure whether the guard leaves it along after that, i lost sight of the room once the turret was toggled off.

Ok, so much for not, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Warsong Commander Takes One For The Team

And the team disbands. Anyway, hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Big news from some days past. Blizzard is going to nerf Warsong Commander to the point that Patron Warrior as an archtype is totally killed.

It’s a sad day thing to happen to warriors. Not so much that Warsong Commander is gone, but Patron Warrior is gone. That leaves only one competitive deck for Warriors to play; Control Warrior, which is a super expensive deck to collect.

The reason why Warriors don’t get other decks is likely also the reason why Warriors are bad in Arena. Their hero power simply don’t make any bid for board presence. Warriors’ hero powers translate to “Gain more health per turn”, which translates into “Make the opponent take longer to kill me”, which is a strategy that can only be made use of by control decks.

No more budget Warriors : (

If past schedule was representative of the things to come, the next bit of additional content is going to be an adventure. Which means there isn’t going to much cards added. Which probably means that Warrior as a class, should be avoided by new players for quite some time to come.

Ben Brode’s comment on how Warsong Commander limits game design is being poked at in the forums. While i do kind of agree with Ben Brode’s comment, the thing is, the same can be said of every single card that’s not vanilla. Astral Communion limits game design, Murloc tribe limits game design, Mysterious Challenger limits game design, Molten Giants limits game design and being free to cast makes its potential for abuse way up there.

Unless Warriors get their own version of Charged Hammer, Control Warrior is likely going to be the only viable Warrior.

*sad* Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Clockwork Card Dealer

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

This week’s tavern brawl is rather good. Its rules is that every turn, you draw a card from your deck, that has a mana cost equal to the current turn number. If you do not have a card with mana cost equal to the current turn number, then the draw proceeds as normal.

This instantly switches things up a little. Singletons are very useful. If you’re playing something like Patron Warrior, turn 5 and 6 usually guarantees Grim Patron and Emperor Thaurissan.

I’m guessing this is the reason why i see so many Gadgetzan Jousters.

The other effect is, if you have a card in the undrawn deck (i hesitate to use the word library, people unfamiliar with Magic might have no idea what the library is) that is a mana cost of the same turn, you would not draw the lower mana cost cards even if you want to.

That means if you fill the deck with cards of every mana cost, up to 10, that means if you don’t get your Ironbeak Owl on turn 2 or starting hand, you’re not gonna get it until after turn 10. This is something worth noting for aggro decks.

I went with Paladin this time.

2 x Truesilver Champion
2 x Blessing of Kings
2 x Consecration

1 x Zombie Chow
1 x Faerie Dragon
2 x Blackwing Technician
2 x Murloc Knight
2 x Piloted Shredder
2 x Refreshment Vendor
1 x Twilight Drake
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Blackwing Corruptor
2 x Sludge Belcher
2 x Tuskarr Jouster
1 x Emperor Thaurissan
1 x Dr. Boom
1 x Chromaggus

Note the drops for 1, 2 and 3. There’s only 1 zombie Chow, Faerie Dragon and Blackwing Technician. Barring the Coin card, this makes my first 3 turns exactly the same every game. Zombie Chow -> Soldier -> Blackwing Tecnician.

Come to think of it, i didn’t need Twilight Drake and Chromaggus in the deck anymore. I don’t need any more dragons since i’m guaranteed a dragon ay turn 2. I couldn’t put Sylvannas in either, because of Emperor Thaurissan. The Emperor’s just too important.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Invisible Inc

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Expansion for Beyond Earth, Rising Tide, is getting release some time these couple days. I’ve already pre-purchased it. At the moment though, i’m playing Invisible Inc. A turn based, grid strategy, stealth game. At first glance, $20 sgd for the game seemed rather pricey. But after playing with it, i feel that the game is definitely worth the buy.

Here are some tips for playing Invisible Inc if you’re totally new to it like me. Do not equip 2 guns onto a single agent. It seems that there’s no way to choose which gun to shoot. I equipped a Flurry Gun and a Cooker onto a single agent and when i shoot, it used the Cooker’s ammo when i really wanted it to use the Flurry Gun. Ammo is really expensive and hard to come by in the game, making them really precious.

Plan ahead with Incognita. There’s no need to hack every single main frame in the map. I really like Internationale. Her wireless scanning augment makes Incognita’s planning alot easier. And safer to since with Internationale, Incognita can hack security cameras that might be hard to locate without wireless scanning. The other agent that i like alot is Banks. Her security door hacking augment eliminates the need to find a key card from a guard for most security doors.

Plan ahead with the choice of missions. The plane actually moves to the target location. Travelling all over the world is going to waste alot of the precious count down hours. I didn’t know that at first and was making world tours with the missions ><

Ok, so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hours Played on Steam

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

So i was looking through the list of games on my Steam account. Turns out there are plenty of games i’ve bought but never even downloaded in the first place. Anyway, there’s a stat on the list of games that i did download and play that shows the amount of hours i have spent playing the game.

Tied for 38 hours is Final Fanatasy VIII and Life is Strange. Life is Strange is definitely going to beat Final Fantasy VIII when the last episode gets released in October.

I simply don’t see myself picking Final Fantasy VIII back up to continue from where i left off. There’s something very discouraging about user interfaces that are totally designed for the console with absolutely no effort placed into utilizing the keyboard and mouse for the port. To me, it’s just lazy development, with greed as the prime driver, trying to sell as many copies of the same thing for different platforms with minimal effort put in.

Next up is Guild of Dungeoneering at 47 hours. I’ve just bought the DLC, which probably means more hours going into this game. As indie games go, Guild of Dungeoneering is among those one-of-the-better-ones.

Second place goes to Civilization Beyond Earth at 107 hours. Most played game is XCOM Enemy Unkown (with expansion) at 291 hours! I think only Guild Wars II or Hearthstone can rival that.

Ok, so much for now, Geek Generation out.