Hearthstone: Warsong Commander Takes One For The Team

And the team disbands. Anyway, hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Big news from some days past. Blizzard is going to nerf Warsong Commander to the point that Patron Warrior as an archtype is totally killed.

It’s a sad day thing to happen to warriors. Not so much that Warsong Commander is gone, but Patron Warrior is gone. That leaves only one competitive deck for Warriors to play; Control Warrior, which is a super expensive deck to collect.

The reason why Warriors don’t get other decks is likely also the reason why Warriors are bad in Arena. Their hero power simply don’t make any bid for board presence. Warriors’ hero powers translate to “Gain more health per turn”, which translates into “Make the opponent take longer to kill me”, which is a strategy that can only be made use of by control decks.

No more budget Warriors : (

If past schedule was representative of the things to come, the next bit of additional content is going to be an adventure. Which means there isn’t going to much cards added. Which probably means that Warrior as a class, should be avoided by new players for quite some time to come.

Ben Brode’s comment on how Warsong Commander limits game design is being poked at in the forums. While i do kind of agree with Ben Brode’s comment, the thing is, the same can be said of every single card that’s not vanilla. Astral Communion limits game design, Murloc tribe limits game design, Mysterious Challenger limits game design, Molten Giants limits game design and being free to cast makes its potential for abuse way up there.

Unless Warriors get their own version of Charged Hammer, Control Warrior is likely going to be the only viable Warrior.

*sad* Geek Generation out.


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