What have i been playing for the past week?

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

For the past week, i’ve been playing a little less of Hearthstone. Mostly, i’ve been playing Invisible Inc. The Expert Plus mode was so difficult that i decided that it would be more fun to stop playing that mode. Instead, i went with Endless mode.

Endless mode was so much easier than Expert Plus, that i was playing a little recklessly. But that recklessness was my undoing when i brought it along to missions with security rating 4. I simply forgot that i had to play carefully too when i was playing vanilla Expert mode.

Along with Invisible Inc, i was playing Shadowrun Dragonfall. The first time round, i came to the part where i was attacking the Humanis Policlub. I came to the end part and there sitting in the room, was a matrix terminal. And i hadn’t brought a decker for the mission.

Pissed, i decided to restart the game. This time, my own character was the decker. Which was all fine and dandy until i played a peculiar mission; the spy camera installation mission where i do not get to choose my own team. The mission had no outs except to battle a hoard of Knight Errant enemies. Being a decker, my own firepower was kind of lacking. The mission was impossible to win through violence.

After reading some walkthroughs, it turns out that there was a non-violent way to complete the mission. That was to have picked Security ettiquette in the game. Which was a horrible way to make a game. I’m being penalized for randomly choosing skills in a game that provides no prior information on which is likely to be useful.

Once more, i got myself into a save position where there was no recourse. I’ve spent all my karma and thus couldn’t pick up an ettiquette on the fly.

While i really like the moral dilemmas given by the missions in Shadowrun, this sort of lottery-like skills required in missions is, ultimtely, severly discouraging. I think i’ll give up on Shadowrun.

Geek Generation out.


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