Hearthstone: Bad Reno Mage

Hello everyone, Geek Generation here. I really want very much to play a Reno deck, the problem is that i do not have Kazakus. While i do have enough dust to craft one legendary, i am hesitant about crafting Kazakus.

The main issue with crafting Kazakus is that the next Standard rotation is coming, soon-ish. With Reno Jackson and Brann Bronzebeard leaving Standard, i’m not too sure Kazakus would still have value post rotation. I can imagine Kazakus and Raza Control to continue to be a thing, but i don’t have Raza either.

So here is my list for a bad Reno Mage that does not have Kazakus. Well.. it’s not very good, mainly because Kazakus is way too important in the deck. The times when i got Kazakus off of Kabal Courier, i had an easy chance of winning. The times when my opponent is either Rogue or Priest and gets an extra Kazakus are the most frustrating games.

1 x Forbidden Flame
1 x Arcane Blast
1 x Babbling Book
1 x Acidic Ooze
1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
1 x Dirty Rat
1 x Doomsayer
1 x Frostbolt
1 x Arcane Intellect
1 x Brann Bronzebeard
1 x Forgotten Torch
1 x Ice Block
1 x Kabal Courier
1 x Manic Soulcaster
1 x Volcanic Potion
1 x Fireball
1 x Infested Tauren
1 x Polymorph
1 x Water Elemental
1 x Azure Drake
1 x Cabalist’s Tome
1 x Second-Rate Bruiser
1 x Blizzard
1 x Reno Jackson
1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
1 x Firelands Portal
1 x Flamestrike
1 x Ragnaros the Firelord
1 x Rhonin
1 x N’Zoth, the Corruptor


It turns out that N’Zoth doesn’t seem to be relevant most of the time. With so little Deathrattle minions, N’Zoth tend not to be playable most of the time.

Rhonin is also another problematic card in the deck. My opinion is that Rhonin has no place in control decks. Very often, your hand would be too full with cards to recieve 3 Arcane Missiles and still not mill your next draw.

With N’Zoth waiting for Rhonin to die, and Rhonin waiting for hand to be cleared of cards to be played, the game plan is way too slow even for a control game. All in all, the N’Zoth package is a bad idea in this deck.

Class Win Loss
Druid 0 0
Hunter 0 1
Mage 4 0
Paladin 0 0
Priest 1 1
Rogue 0 2
Shaman 0 1
Warlock 0 0
Warrior 2 3
Total 7 8

Match up against aggro and tempo decks are pretty tough. Sometimes you just don’t get Reno. Sometimes, even Reno doesn’t help. Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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