Hearthstone: Miracle Rogue

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Since the only classes that are not level 60 for me are Rogue and Priest, i decided to play one of the classes. I chose Rogue this time. Instead of Jade Rogue, which was pretty slow, i went with Miracle Rogue. Which has faster games because of the burst damage.

2 x Backstab
2 x Counterfeit Coin
2 x Preparation
2 x Cold Blood
2 x Conceal
1 x Patches the Pirate
1 x Small-Time Buccaneer
2 x Swashburglar
1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Eviscerate
2 x Sap
2 x Fan of Knives
2 x Questing Adventurer
1 x SI:7 Agent
2 x Tomb Pillager
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Gadgetzan Auctioneer

Unfortunately, i have neither Leeroy nor VanCleef, which would have been awesome for Miracle Rogue.

conceal counterfeit_coin

Alot of variations of Miracle Rogue run only 1 Conceal. This version, since it does not have Leeroy, absolutely needs two Conceals. Without Leeroy’s charge, this deck’s minions desperately needs Conceals to survive a turn to make any attacks. This variation also needs two Counterfeit Coins just to make it possible to help Conceal on tight turns.

SI:7 is not particularly good in the deck. Coins are preferably kept for Auctioneers or Questing Adventurer -> Conceal turns. Often, it just plays as a 3/3. I do believe replacing it with a second Small-Time Buccaneer is much better. Even a Toxic Sewer Ooze would be a better fit for the slot.

Class Win Loss
Druid 1 1
Hunter 1 1
Mage 1 0
Paladin 0 0
Priest 1 3
Rogue 0 1
Shaman 7 6
Warlock 1 2
Warrior 0 2
Total 12 16

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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