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Hearthstone: Upcoming Year of the Mammoth

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Blizzard made more announcements some days ago. Year of the Mammoth is coming and there are going some goodies.

First order of things is Standard rotation. When Year of the Mammoth (it’s year of the Kraken now, since Whisper of the Old Gods) rolls around, almost all the adventures will be gone. Blackrock Mountain and League of Explorers will be leaving standard, which means bye bye most dragon decks, Reno decks, Brann Bronzebeard.

The Grand Tournament would also be leaving. Notable cards from TGT are Twilight Guardian and all the other dragon related stuff, Justicar Truheart, Aviana, Totem Golem, Thunder Bluff Valiant, Bash.

Year of the Mammoth will see the retirement of alot of decks. Even if they do not retire, they are forever changed, in Standard that is. Aviana Kun combos are gone, Reno decks are gone, existing Control Warriors will have to return to non-Elise, non-Justicar versions, i don’t even remember what they look like before. And Shamans.. with the lost of Totem Golems, and Thunder Bluff Valiant and the changes to Pirates (or Pirate), will Shaman decks survive?

Then there’s the Hall of Fame retirement set. Azure Drake, Sylvanas, Ragnaros, Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance, Conceal are all going to be retired. What does this mean for Classic packs though? Are there going to be replacements?

With Tomb Pillager and Conceal going away, is Miracle Rogue going away too?

As a bonus, Blizzard will be refunding the Hall of Fame retirement cards up to a playset of dust. So now would be a good idea to craft those cards if you don’t have them. Effectively, the playset refund would mean you’ve crafted for free. Even if you don’t play Wild, it’s a good idea to craft them because they might be useful in Adventures and Tavern Brawl.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


Hearthstone: More Floor Ranks

Hello everybody Geek Generation here. Other commitments are taking time away from my gaming for this week and next week. Things will normalize after next week and i’ll start posting more stuff then.

An aside, i have been playing Eternal when i have free time this couple days. I’ll start posting Eternal deck lists i’ve been using after next week.

Blizzard just announced a couple upcoming changes to Hearthstone. I’ll give my opinions on the balance changes in another post. Other than balance changes, Blizzard is going to add more floor ranks to Ranked play.

What they mean by floor ranks is that, for any season, once you’ve ranked up to a floor rank, you cannot lose ranks until you become lower than the highest floor rank you’ve achieved for that season.

The additional new floor ranks are going to be 15, 10, 5. So much like rank 20, once you hit those ranks, and you’ve lost all the stars of that rank, you won’t lose any more stars to drop to a lower rank. You’ll stay at, minimally, the floor ranks, until the season resets.

I do welcome such a change. Previously, i have a reluctance to try to rank up early in the month, mainly due to the fact that i do not want to lose ranks playing the other weaker classes when trying to complete quests. With the new floor ranks, i could experiment with more decks without feeling punished. I suspect that this change would help to add more diversity to the decks you’ll match up with (at the floor ranks).

Another thing that’s good about this additional floor ranks thing is that people can’t do things like rank up to 5 for the monthly rank 5 rewards, than purposely lose stars to rank down to 20 to farm the rank 20 players. I do believe this helps with the new player experience. Right now, rank 20 player experience is horrible. It’s one thing to see a Pirate Warrior at rank 20, it’s after all a relatively cheap deck. It’s another thing to see a Reno deck with a huge host of legendaries at rank 20.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Budget Shaman

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I was on the other server working through the quests to trying to get enough gold to pop the pity timer for legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. I had a play Shaman cards quest and looked through the collection and came up with the following list.

2 x Lightning Bolt
2 x Spirit Claws
2 x Tunnel Trogg
2 x Flametongue Totem
2 x Maelstrom Portal
2 x Totem Golem
2 x Hex
2 x Lava Burst
2 x Lightning Burst
2 x Mana Tide Totem
2 x Unbound Elemental
2 x Fireguard Destroyer
2 x Jade Lightning
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Thunder Bluff Valiant

fireguard_destroyer flamewreathed_faceless jinyu_waterspeaker
I did not have any Flamewreathed Faceless (henceforth acronymed as FF) in the collection and went with Fireguard Destroyer. The thing is, i think a case can be made for using Fireguard Destroyer over FF. While Fireguard Destroyer is strictly worse in stats than FF, and it’s not just it’s vulnerability to Silence effects, it does have one advantage over FF. Fireguard Destroyer overloads for only 1 mana.

Overloading for only 1 instead of 2 makes for a better turn 5. You could still play Jade Lightning on the next turn! Overloading, unlike pure stats, is harder to quantify and appreciate. Nevertheless, try out Fireguard Destroyer and you’ll definitely come to appreciate the tempo plays that can be afforded for overloading less. You won’t be disappointed.

If it helps, instead of comparing with FF, compare it to Jinyu. Sometimes, control decks do play out Jinyu for tempo, mostly disregarding the heal effect. At times, it can be a strong play because of it’s 6 health. Fireguard Destroyer has the same health and more attack.

Ok, comparing it to Jinyu doesn’t work quite so well, but take it as a compromise between FF and Jinyu. You want a strong beater but do not want to overload for so much that it destroys your turn 5. Or even turn 4, because coin-ing Fireguard Destroyer is so much less risky.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Dragon Priest

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. It’s a new season and i decided to go with a generic Dragon Priest deck to get some levels into the class. I do believe i grabbed this deck list from one of Kolento’s youtube videos.

2 x Northshire Cleric
2 x Power Word: Shield
2 x Twilight Whelp
2 x Netherspite Historian
2 x Shadow Word: Pain
2 x Wyrmrest Agent
1 x Brann Bronzebeard
2 x Kabal Talonpriest
2 x Shadow Word: Death
1 x Defender of Argus
1 x Twilight Drake
2 x Twilight Guardian
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Blackwing Corruptor
2 x Drakonid Operative
2 x Holy Nova
1 x Book Wyrm

I didn’t swap out one Holy Nova for Dragonfire Potion even though i have one. The reasoning is that Holy Nova works really well with Northshire Cleric. The combo can easily draw two to three cards. Double Northshire increases the chance of getting it in the opening hand. Against Pirates, it has a chance of killing Patches. Against Shaman, if they get a bad opening hand, it makes them reluctant to totem up.

The deck is mostly a tempo deck, hoping to Twilight Whelp into Wyrmrest Agent into Kabal Talonpriest into Twilight Guardian into Drakonid Operative. That would be the dream turns.

netherspite_historian drakonid_operative

However, Netherspite Historian and Drakonid Operative coupled with Brann gives alot of ammunition in the late game. Grabbing a Kazakus or even Reno can give even more value when the library has been drawn into the single copies state.

Class Win Loss
Druid 1 0
Hunter 3 0
Mage 1 2
Paladin 1 0
Priest 3 2
Rogue 4 1
Shaman 4 4
Warlock 1 1
Warrior 4 4
Total 22 14

The deck took me from rank 20 to rank 14. Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Gift Exchange

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. This week’s tavern brawl is Gift Exchange. In Gift Exchange, at the beginning of each turn, if a player do not have a Winter’s Veil Gift on his side of the board, he receives one.

winters_veil_gift stolen_winters_veil_gift

Killing a non-silenced Stolen Winter’s Veil Gift gives lets the player (the one who made the kill) discover a class card from the gift’s original owner’s class. The discovered card gets a 5 mana discount.

The strategy is generally to:
1) Kill Winter’s Veil Gifts
2) Deny your opponent from killing Winter’s Veil Gifts
3) Cash in Stolen Winter Veil’s Gifts quickly to make discounted high value plays

2 x Corruption
2 x Power Overwhelming
2 x Soulfire
2 x Annoy-o-Tron
2 x Crazed Alchemist
2 x Doomsayer
2 x Demonwrath
2 x Jungle Panther
2 x Kabal Courier
2 x Shadow Bolt
2 x Silverware Golem
2 x Void Terror
2 x Kooky Chemist
2 x Siphon Soul
2 x Abyssal Enforcer

Do note that if you just received the Winter’s Veil Gift that turn, it has summoning sickness and requires Charge to attack on the same turn. As such, buff cards like Abusive Sergeants are not that useful. Power Overwhelming is still ok though as it let’s your gift die on turn 1.

I just checked Hearthpwn, my deck is similar to the community voted best deck. That deck is probably more refined than mine. Kabal Courier is rather bad card. I was thinking of value for the 29th and 30th card. But it’s just too slow.

The Hearthpwn deck has Nerubian Eggs, Wrathguard and Youthful Brewmaster, all of which is well suited for the aforementioned strategy for this Brawl. These cards should replace Jungle Panther, Kabal Courier and Abyssal Enforcer.

I still like Silverware Golem in the deck though. Because it’s so funny when it manages to luck out and drop onto the board from a full hand. I should replace Shadow Bolt with Fist of Jaraxxus.

The one card you should never play is Lord Jaraxxus. It’s just too easy for the opponent to get a Sacrificial Pact from your gifts.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.