Hearthstone: Aggro Druid into rank 5

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I’ve been playing variations of Dinomancy Hunter, Sherazin Value, Control Paladin up to rank 10 tier. But i usually hovered around ranks 8 and 7 with those decks.

For breaking into rank 5, i decided to switch to Aggro Druid chiefly because the deck has faster games. Additionally, the deck can simply win by some crazy opening turns.

2 x Innervate
2 x Bloodsail Corsair
2 x Enchanted Raven
2 x Fire Fly
2 x Hungry Crab
2 x Mark of the Lotus
1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Golakka Crawler
2 x Mark of Y’Sharrj
2 x Power of the Wild
2 x Ravasaur Rant
2 x Tortollan Forager
2 x Savage Roar
2 x Vicious Fledgling
1 x Swipe
2 x Druid of the Claw

There are probably better versions of Aggro Druid out there. The list is as such because i didn’t have epics like Bittertide Hydra and Living Mana. Living Mana is really important for Aggro Druid. With Living Mana missing, i’m missing plan B of the deck.

I used Hungry Crab as substitution for Living Mana. Hungry Crabs are not too bad even when there are no murlocs to eat. As a 1 drop beast, the crab kind of helps out with the buffs.

Golakka Crawler is necessary. It hits quite a few decks, not just Pirate Warrior. Variations of Rogue, even fellow Aggro Druids have Pirate targets.

The seemingly weird inclusion is probably Tortollan Forager. I find it to be a great card though. It’s a 2 drop with no hesitation attached. Unlike Golakka Crawler, there’s no concern for saving it for Pirates (or even unwanted consumption of your own pirates). And unlike Ravasaur Rant, there’s no need to consider having more minions on the board. Plus, it occasionally gives some pretty good late game minions.

Prolly the only decks that doesn’t want Tortollan Forager is Jade Druid. Give Tortollan Forager a try if you’ve never used it before. You won’t be dissapointed.

Mulligan wise, i always keep Vicious Fledglings. The card has so much win written on it. Keep Innervates (but not both), and trade in everything else for early drops on turn 1 and 2.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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