Hello everyone. Welcome to Geek Generation. Or G33k Generation, rather. This is an outlet for me to pen my gaming stuff.

Why game?

I do believe that gaming (playing games) is for everyone. It’s a good form of distraction and takes your mind off things. It’s a good form of hobby and entertainment.

Games can range for being free (barring costs of turning on the machine, time consumed, costs on connecting to whatever needs to be connected to) to costly. Games can be highly complex requiring deep strategies and planning, or it can be highly arcade, requiring various skill sets like finger eye coordination, rapid button presses, good physics estimation, or even pure luck. Games can provide a solitary experience, they can also provide a social experience.

With such an all encompassing variety, be it smart phone apps, table top games, computer games, console games, or even good old chess titans and solitaire, there is bound to be a game that a person likes.

Personally for me, i like gaming alot. To further fuel my gaming hobby, i’ve decided to start Geek Generation.

I am contactable at gmail at lbandit.


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