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Wardrobe: Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

With Diablo 3, i’ve managed to level up the Witch Doctor to max and accumulated some Paragon levels, and have now switched to a Wizardess that’s 10 levels shy of max level. I think i’m going to like my Wizardess more than my Witch Doctor. For one thing, i selected the female gender for the Wizardess : D

I tried looking into the transmog thingy to see what kind of skins are available for my Wizardess. Playing around with the Transmog user interface, i finally realized how good Guild Wars 2’s wardrobe system really was. Transmog is good for doing what it does, that is changing the skin of one item.

But when you want to change more than one piece and see if the changes match, Transmog is a terrible tool for the job. It is unable to preview all the changes that you’ll want for the entire outfit. Every piece has to be done individually and equipped to see if the new look is what i would like.

Not able to preview multiple changes, Transmog tool is not for playing doll.

Marvel Heroes circumvents this issue by implementing skin changes through costumes. Each costume represents the entire skin, head to toe, of a character. That way, there isn’t multiple parts that can be changed individually and doesn’t run into the problem of not being able to preview all the would be changes.

Another thing with the Transmog is that it is not exactly clear which items can or cannot be transmogrified. Like Bracers, which seemed like a normal piece of armor, cannot be transmogrified. There also isn’t any text or clue that i could easily see that indicate which piece of armor can or cannot be transmogrified.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


Diablo III: Finished Act 5, No More Nightmare

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

So i just finished Act 5, played an adventure and though it was pretty cool. There seems to be more stuff to kill in adventure mode.

After that, i thought i’ll start with the Nightmare difficulty. Except that i couldn’t find it. I soon realized that the difficulties are no longer divided into Normal, Nightmare, Merciless and Diablo III’s 4th difficulty. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t called Merciless back when those difficulties were around. Merciless was Path of Exile’s difficulty.

Apparently, the old difficulty system was scrapped. And boy am i glad to see it go. Finally, the whole can’t waypoint back to a previous Act is starting to fit in. The Campaign mode is like a linear timeline where you can only go forward while the Adventure mode is like a kind of world map, where you can waypoint back and forth.

I’m assuming progression is now like, play campaign, then level up the rest of the character levels via adventure mode’s bounties. Though i’m not sure if there’s any achievement that requires completion of campaign in another difficulty. All in all, i think this change in difficulty is a good change.

I know all these are old news for most people. But as a returning player, these are all new to me, lol.

Geek Generation out.