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Casual Gaming: Castle Clash

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I picked up another casual game. This one is called Castle Clash.


It’s some kind of.. i think the genre is called castle defence. In any case, that’s what i’m calling in. Basically, you get your own little town that consists of little buildings. There’s a town hall, defensive towers for shooting enemies, resource generation buildings, resource storage buildings, barracks for building offensive troops.

It’s mostly an MMO pvp where you send your offensive troops to knockdown other players’ buildings and grab their resources. The type of top feeds on bottom, pay-to-play feeds on free-to-play type of games.

The game is a little different from other castle defence games. In Castle Clash, there are hero units, and there is quite a strong emphasis on the heroes.

The town hall in Castle Clash is quite different from other castle defence games. The town hall is not a critical building in combat. Loss and victory does not depend on the destruction of the town hall; instead it depends on destroying a certain percentage of building value. Also, it seems that the town hall does not govern the maximum level of your other buildings.

Maybe i’ll screenshot what my town/castle looks like some time later.

Geek Generation out.


Clicker Heroes: First Impression

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I was exploring the website of one of my usual games publisher looking for some casual games to play. It’s been awhile since i played these type of games.. somehow categorizing them as casual seems right, even though some of these “casual” games can be rather competitive at times.


Anyway, i chanced upon a game called Clicker Heroes. The art looked rpg-ish and i thought it was going to be a side scroller kind of game. But it wasn’t.

The gameplay is simple. In the game, there is a single tile. On that tile, a monster will spawn. Click on the monster to deal damage to it. Collect gold when it dies and use gold to purchase automatic dps components. Every 5th level is a boss that comes with a 30s timer. If you don’t kill the boss within the allocated time, it resets.

Looking at the achievements, it appears that there are 1000s of levels and i do believe, i’ve described the gameplay of all the levels in that one paragraph. Despite the incredibly simple gameplay, i found it rather addictive. It has all the addictive elements of a grindy game without the complex gameplay of mmorpgs, making it perfect for idle gaming.

Strategy for playing the game is relatively simple. Increase the automatic dps component until you can kill a boss without needing any input, clicks/skill activation, from you. Start the game and leave it at the boss level and minimize the browser window containing the game. That about it, the game is all about idle farming until you have enough automatic dps for the next boss.

Though when i logged in today, i had a huge sum of gold, so i’m not sure if logging in would cause a back-calculation for gold that would’ve been earned during the offline period.

The thing is, even though the game is mostly about idle farming, and relative to your automatic dps, manually clicking doesn’t really help much, there’s still that urge to open up the browser to click on the monster and keep repeating in my head the mantra “I have no life. I have no life.” 😀

Geek Generation out.