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ArcheAge: Level 8

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I played ArcheAge a little more today and leveled Lizziepeia to level 8. To summarize my experience with the game; not impressed.

After some time, i noticed that everyone except me had a mount. Which can only mean that i missed my mount quest. Or if there’s even such a quest. So i decided to backtrack to find my free mount.

I noticed that i had a book of teleportation in my bag. I activated it to create a world gate back to the start point. All good except that i couldn’t interact with it at all. A couple┬ámore failed attempts and i finally realized that the book of teleportation consumes some sort of currency in my bag.

Frustration peaking.

For a game that boasts about seamless travel in the game world, a simple lag brings out a loading screen ><

Having Mana Stars as a skill, the description of which says something like “Hold down the key to shoot continuously”; i tried both tapping the key and holding it, they appeared to both shoot in bursts of 4 shots. What happened to continuously?

Last but definitely not least is the mob tagging system. Kills are not shared. No even for quests that involves killing semi boss monsters. There’s no reward for joining in a fight and no benefit for helping out another person in a fight.

What a bleh.

Geek Generation out.


ArcheAge: Character Customization

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I spent most of last night, downloading, installing, unpacking, verifying, patching and what not. Finally i got to play today. When logging in, i’m told that i can create 2 characters across the servers and up to 4 more character for servers.. I have absolutely no idea what all that was about. So i randomly picked a server that said “Up”.

Next was character creation and the name.. omg the name.. is a Chinese name. You can’t get a second capital letter in the name, even after a space. You can have Ziyi, but you can’t have full names like Zhang Ziyi. I don’t know about other people, but it’s a big deal for me. It means Rainie Ying would turn into Rainie ying. No way i was going to defile Rainie like that.

Character customization was kind of limited. I can’t make my toon taller. Or if i could, it wasn’t obvious that i could. Maybe all Harani have to be short. I couldn’t get a black skinned toon either. The darkest skin i could get was olive. Oh well..


Hence Lizziepeia was born into the world of Archeage in server-i-don’t-remember-the-name. Played her to level 3. Monsters didn’t seem to drop loot. Got a skill point, but didn’t know what to do with it. The skill i wanted said i needed level 10 Occultism. Do i kill monsters or spam skills or spam skills to kill monsters to level up the skill set? I guess i’ll find out when i play more on the weekend.

Geek Generation out.