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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Fate of Eir and Faolain.

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. The following contains spoilers for Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, story mode. Readers be-warned.

I was playing Guild Wars 2 expansion and was only now playing the story elements. I think i came to the end of the first chapter and boy, the cut scene blew me away. I didn’t play alot of the Living Story season 2, and didn’t know much of what went on before Heart of Thorns.

From the various story elements and conversations with guildies, i managed to get at the following. Alot of Sylvari is being mind controlled by Mordremoth. The new plant dragon introduced by story build up from Living Story.

I don’t know whether Caithe is being mind controlled, but she stole an egg, presumably dragon egg, and went deep into Maguuma jungle. For most parts of the Heart of Thorns story i played so far involved trailing after Caithe.

And looking for members of Destiny Edge. I think they were all captured and brought into Maguuma Jungle. It appears that Rytlock jumped into some portal/hole/thingy, and came back with.. dragon imbued powers? Is that Glint? Actually, i don’t know anything about Glint..

One wiki later, ok.. Glint is dead. Presumably these things don’t stay dead, or in the dead form, for very long. Anyway, point to note, Destiny’s Edge never killed any dragon. They defeated an Elder Dragon, with the help of Glint, another dragon.

Anyway, Rytlock’s new found magic powers come with “baggage”, to be explained in the story as i progress further, i presume.

Anyway, i came to the point where Eir and Faolain. While the new Rytlock is cool, Eir is actually my favorite character from Destiny’s Edge. So boy was i glad that i found her. Not only that, Faolain is my favorite villain in the whole game. Of course, there’s Scarlet Brair, but she’s more hero than villain, imo.

Once Eir and Faolain was released, shit hit the fan. I’m not too sure what was happening, but Faolain was running, tripped by some Modremoth vines and nearly impaled her own head into a pointy root.

Eir was grabbing onto Faolain’s foot, not too sure why, maybe she liked Faolain’s shoes, Faolain decided to use the pointy root to stick Eir, while proclaiming, “I’ll take my chances.”

The pointy root goes into Eir from the side, below the chest. Probably punctured her stomach and intestines. Omg.. That’s fatal, Eir’s going to die !! Faolain makes a run for it. Eir pulls out the point root and prepares to throw it at Faolain. Whew, Eir’s not going to die. Coz heroics demand that if you can pull a projectile and hurl it at someone else, you’ve got a pretty good chance to live.

The pointy root impales Faolain from the back, but that’s ok, she’s a plant, she hasn’t got vital organs inside her. But physics and inertia takes her down, and she falls. Some Mordremoth vine picks Faolain up and smashes her to death. Nuuuuuuuuuuu..

Eir was kind of shocked, and her face goes through a range of emotions, none of which i could identify or understand, partly because i don’t know what went down between Eir and Faolain. The some legendary Mordremoth minion impales and kills Eir.


Eir’s dying is definitely shocking. It denotes a twists to the story not many other vanilla stories dare visit. Whoever wrote up the story, and whoever choreographed the cut scene should get a raise. It was perfect storytelling.

But but.. Faolain.. dead.. Nuuuuuuuuuuu..

Faolain and Caithe’s love goes beyond just lesbian plant love. They were Firstborns. They’re siblings, it’s incest! Definitely a story plot worth exploring. And now Faolain went and died.

*Sniff* I need a moment. Geek Generation out.


Wardrobe: Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

With Diablo 3, i’ve managed to level up the Witch Doctor to max and accumulated some Paragon levels, and have now switched to a Wizardess that’s 10 levels shy of max level. I think i’m going to like my Wizardess more than my Witch Doctor. For one thing, i selected the female gender for the Wizardess : D

I tried looking into the transmog thingy to see what kind of skins are available for my Wizardess. Playing around with the Transmog user interface, i finally realized how good Guild Wars 2’s wardrobe system really was. Transmog is good for doing what it does, that is changing the skin of one item.

But when you want to change more than one piece and see if the changes match, Transmog is a terrible tool for the job. It is unable to preview all the changes that you’ll want for the entire outfit. Every piece has to be done individually and equipped to see if the new look is what i would like.

Not able to preview multiple changes, Transmog tool is not for playing doll.

Marvel Heroes circumvents this issue by implementing skin changes through costumes. Each costume represents the entire skin, head to toe, of a character. That way, there isn’t multiple parts that can be changed individually and doesn’t run into the problem of not being able to preview all the would be changes.

Another thing with the Transmog is that it is not exactly clear which items can or cannot be transmogrified. Like Bracers, which seemed like a normal piece of armor, cannot be transmogrified. There also isn’t any text or clue that i could easily see that indicate which piece of armor can or cannot be transmogrified.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Get Your Commander Tag Today

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

It’s been awhile since i played Guild Wars 2. But i have friends who still play Guild Wars 2 and are always trying to entice me to return to the game by telling me news about the game.  

The latest news i got about Guild Wars 2 was that the Commander tag was going to rise in price from 100g to 300g while at the same time changing from character bound to account bound. In my opinion, this is a really positive change similar to that of legendary weapons. It improves the value of the Commander tag for non-commanding purposes to more than just a vanity expense. 

Why should i buy the commander tag if i do not plan to command for either WvW or PvE events?

The answer to that question, aside from the eventual increase in price and account bound changes to come, is that the tag is quite useful for purposes of communication. Say you play a mesmer and just finished a jumping puzzle and decided to be really nice and offer to “port” others to the end point. Having a commander helps players unfamiliar with the jumping puzzle to see where you are on the map. 

If you’re trying to complete a lonely event in a map that’s not so popular, having a commander tag also helps to gather people to your location. 

All in all, i would say the commander tag will be a good buy and that you should buy it now if you can afford the 100g, before it rises in price.

Plus, eventually the commander tag’s color would be changeable. How cool is that! I hope i can change it to pink 😀

Geek Generation out.

Regarding Support Tickets

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

A couple days ago, i was playing Path of Exile and was in a party to help clear Merveil. After killing the boss, i went back into town thinking of leaving the party. So i brought up the “Social” window and click the Leave button. What i didn’t realize was that i was on the wrong tab of the Social window.

Instead of leaving my party, i ended up leaving my own Guild (one man guild). At that time, i didn’t realize that my friend was also in the guild and as such i thought i had permanently lost my guild and with it, the guild stash which i had bought with real life money.

It reminded me of an incident in Guild Wars 2. A friend had bought, using in game currency, two ascended trinkets of the same name not realizing that they had a stat called “unique” which prevented them from being used on the same character. He submitted a ticket explaining the situation.

What surprised me was that Anet, Guild Wars 2’s company, refunded the extra trinket for my friend. So i decided to take a lesson from my friend’s incident; asking nicely might get what we want, even if the developers don’t really have to help.

After a couple of email exchanges with GGG, Path of Exile’s company, i was offered a guild stash for my new guild. By then, through the email exchanges, i realized that my friend was still in the old guild and that the guild stash was still existent in the game and recoverable by getting my friend to reinvite me into the guild.

So i declined the guild stash for the new guild, coz if i didn’t, that would be me cheating, in a way. 

As of now, i still remain in my new guild without a guild stash, because my friends have stopped playing so there was no real need for a guild stash; i had originally bought it so it was easier for us to transfer items to each other. 

All in all, i’m pretty satisfied with how GGG handled the issue, i think they did a pretty fine job. Props to GGG and Anet (for helping my friend back then).

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Living Story Season 2 (Gates of Maguuma)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The new season, season 2, of living story for Guild Wars 2 came out yesterday.

Gates of Maguuma, as a pilot for new content, is a little underwhelming. If one compares the living story to a TV series, Gates of Maguuma is like the pilot episode. In my opinion, pilot episodes have a responsibility to be interesting enough to draw in people into the season and seasons to come. It should make people want to experience the next episode, more so than subsequent episodes, so that when people start applying sunk cost fallacy, they’re hooked for the rest of the season.

The thing with Gates of Maguuma being different from a TV program also works against it. With TV programs, there’s the recap portion that occurs before the show, like “Previously on Guild Wars 2”. So i’m willing to bet that there are much lesser players in the position to appreciate the cameo of Riot Alice. Maybe there are even more returning characters present and i don’t realize that they are returning characters.

I didn’t even know Master of Peace was the person we talked to in Lion’s Arch previously until my friend told me. Master of Peace is not exactly a kind of iconic name. It sounds more like a title for the sheriff or something. A name like Morning, a red shirt character in one of the instances in Gates of Maguuma, is so much more memorable. What’s up with that? They give memorable names to red shirts but core npcs are called Master of Peace.

So the team.. i don’t think there’s a name for the team yet, maybe i’ll just call them Team Scarlet, as a tribute to Scarlet Briar, goes after Master of Peace, finds him, kill Aerin for him, and for some reason have to talk to him from across a canyon, and the Master of Peace says, “I’m not gonna tell you anything, and i’m off now, ta.”. Perhaps this was the bit that was supposed to hook the players into the season but.. really who cares about a guy who doesn’t reward us for saving him?

The whole fiasco results in an unsatisfying unresolved conclusion rather than a desirably curious precursor to the subsequent episodes.

Aerin. What’s up with insanity. Must all Guild Wars 2 villains be either Dragons of alien minds or be insane? There are no bad people in Guild Wars 2 ><

The only good thing about Gates of Maguuma was the bit on Scarlet's accommodations. It was nicely executed and the atmosphere of the instance had a touch of eerie. Scarlet might be dead, but her legacy lives on, and this is especially important since Braham irresponsibly said, "It doesn't matter now, it ends here." when Scarlet asked, in here final moments, if we weren't even curious about why she did what she did.

I always held a hope that Team Scarlet would one day travel through the jungles of Orr on foot to find Zhaitan to bring Scarlet Briar back from the dead so we could ask her some questions.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds (Boss Blitz)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

We get the Festival of the Four Winds patch to Guild Wars 2. Along with the Queen’s Gauntlet. I spent the last couple hours playing Boss Blitz, and the tendency for people to mingle together into a single blob of zerg is turning the Boss Blitz events into a very slow grind.

The event is relatively simple. There are six bosses that will spawn once the ticketing has received enough donations. The mobs are actually watchwork constructs in disguise. So i guess the queen needs these donations to fund the construction of the watchwork constructs to keep the Boss Blitz events alive. Once all six bosses are defeated, the players will receive a loot bag according to how quickly they finish killing all six bosses.

Each boss has a special trait. I’m assuming each boss have a trait, i wasn’t taking much note of these. I do know some of the bosses have special traits. The special traits get passed on to the another/other boss(es) once it dies. So this kind of persuades players to split up and engage all six of the bosses at the same time.

The strategy to winning this quickly is simple. Divide and conquer. If possible, have 6 persons tag up (pin up their commander tags) with one commander standing at each path to a boss. When the players have been divided somewhat, proceed to fill the donation pot to spawn the bosses.

Granted, for a player to want to complete the achievements for killing all 6 bosses, this would be a little slower. But there’s an achievement to complete the Boss Blitz 10 times. So that should be more than enough times to cover the killing of different bosses even if the player only gets to kill 1 boss each time.

The mobs gives loot like ticket to gauntlet and one more thingy i can’t remember its name. The boss kills gives measly reward of a couple silver for killing it. All in all, the whole event is a little too grindy (grindy coz everyone merges into a single blob of zerg instead of dividing themselves) for little reward. Though at this point of time i’ve not opened any of the reward bags from completing the Boss Blitz. Might be that the rewards are all stuffed in that one bag.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Mega Server

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Initially, Anet said that the Mega Server system would be implemented only in the starter maps and would be fully rolled out in December. But it appears that most of the maps already are in Mega Server build. It truly is good news for new players since it increases the population in the player’s map by a significant amount. Maps no longer appear like dead zones which tend to happen in games that has moved on to end game content.

However, the Mega Server system poses a problem for guilds doing guild missions. Before i talk about the problems, i have to talk about the cap (the maximum amount of players allowed on a map) system in Guild Wars 2. The cap system is divided into soft cap and hard cap with the former being a lower number than the later. When soft cap is reached, only players who are party members with a player that’s already in the map can join it. When the hard cap is reached, a player can only join a map only if an existing player in the map leaves.

This soft cap allowance creates a unique work-around for large numbers of people who need to be in the same map, namely guilds doing guild missions. Guilds would have to form taxi parties to ferry guild members into the same map when the soft cap limit has managed to cut the guild in half. Which needless to say, is utterly immersion breaking.

In the guild mission that my guild was doing, the map was already hosting players from several other guilds. The first few members from the guild entering the map pushed the map population into soft cap limit causing the entire guild to be split into two instances of the map. The end result was alot of the ferrying of guild members via taxi parties.

Here i propose a possible solution to this splitting of the guild doing guild missions.

In the guild missions screen, the ui (user interface) should have a button to allow guild members to join once the guild mission is started. All members who joined would have the same priorities, as if they were all in a party, for the map-instance allocation system. This would prevent the soft cap causing guild members to end up in different instances of the same map.

In addition to that, if there were such a “join mission” system in place, the map-instance allocation system would have advance information on the amount of players, as a guild, coming in for guild missions. This would then allow the system to place the incoming guild into a a wholly new instance if the incoming guild was large enough to breach the soft cap and hit the hard cap of the existing instances.

Ok so much for now. Hope Anet takes this suggestion into consideration. Geek Generation out.

Short Update

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

This is a short update to talk about the two games that i’ve been talking about on this blog, Hearthstone and Guild Wars 2.

First of all, Hearthstone’s announced that it’s going to have an expansion, adding new cards and all new single player pve mode. With the expansion, the player would be able to play against AI opponents in a sort of campaign mode to earn the new cards. The new expansion is going to be called Curse of Naxxramus.

Curse of Naxxramus is going to be divided into several wings with the first wing being free to play and subsequent wings pay to play. Though Blizzard is going to allow free to play players to unlock the subsequent wings with in-game gold, with each wing rewarding a new legendary card coupled with the maximum amount a player can hoard is 20k gold, things does not look optimistic for free to play players.

Next Guild Wars 2. Anet has always marketed the living story as something that will change the face of Tyria. I’ve always thought that there was much hype in that branding and called it, living story would change the face of Tyria, but only skin deep. The reason i said that was that Anet, with Lion’s Arch destroyed, would be rebuilt to look exactly the same as the old Lion’s Arch. My reasoning was that they couldn’t possibly change Lion’s Arch too much or new players would find the Lion Arch is story instances looking completely different.

A discordant Lion’s Arch would utterly break immersion and as such, Lion’s Arch would return to exactly as it was before Scarlet Briar destroyed it, hence changes can only go skin deep.

And boy could i not be more wrong. I rerolled my necromancer recently and played the story quest right into Lion’s Arch. It turns out that the Lion’s Arch in the story line’s instance was exactly the same as the one in world map; destroyed. Apparently the Lion’s Arch in the story line’s instance takes it’s blueprints from the actual Lion’s Arch in world map. I’m floored. Utterly impressed.

Indeed, have faith in the living story’s capacity to change the face of Tyria.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: April (December?) Feature Pack (Mega Server)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The blog news for the April Feature Pack is complete. The last bit of teaser was about the Mega Server system. Before talking about the mega server, i’ll have to explain a little about what overflow maps are.

Guild Wars 2 players are divided into servers which not only is a grouping for world versus world (WvW) content, is also a segregation of players for pve content. Each server has it own persistent world maps that is populated by players from the same server. However, there is a limit on the number of players a map can host. Players trying to enter maps that has reached its player limit would be placed into another instance of the same map, called overflow by Guild Wars 2.

I’m not sure if overflow maps are created on the fly or there are just instances of maps that’s already running and waiting to be populated.

To make a long story short, the mega server would turn all maps into a form of overflow map. The map’s identity is no longer tied to any particular server. While this means players from different servers can now play together, though not of their own volition. That means, if for some reason a player wanted to play with players from a particular server (maybe he/she wanted to go to a server’s town hub to talk to players he/she been competing with in WvW), it’s not a choice the player can make with the mega server in place.

While the mega server would make maps more populated, it’s not without its cons. With the mega server in place, players can no longer play in some maps while monitoring whether a dungeon is contested or not in another map.

More importantly, websites like will no longer work. As maps would no longer be tied to any identity, it would be impossible to map out gathering nodes. When the mega server kicks in in December for the higher level maps, expect the price of gathered high level materials like Orichalcum Ore, Ancient Wood, Omomberries etc to rise as gathering them would become so much harder.

Also, when cross server guilds organize for events like Tequatl and Triple Trouble, non-guild members would find it much harder to join and play with these guilds.

All in all, i don’t really like this mega server thingy.

Anyway, there’s a really simple way to increase the perception of higher population in pve maps. That’s to simply show green dots of other players on the mini map like how it’s done in WvW maps. Seeing the green dots help people to gravitate toward each other. Even if the green dots do not gravitate toward each other, it is additional information that helps feed the perception that there’s some other people out there. As it is right now, players can be in adjacent zones but not know the other is there.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: April Feature Pack (Wardrobe System’s Limitations)

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.

If you play Guild Wars 2, you would have heard about the upcoming April Feature Pack. The feature pack includes some major changes to user interface (wardrobe system) and gameplay system changes (critical damage to ferocity). It’s probably fully coded by now. The reason it’s taking so long to roll out is probably to build up hype and hence increase cash shop sales on the release day.

The wardrobe system seems like a win win goodness that is going to be delivered to the players. But i can’t help but nurse a nagging feeling that there’s still something amiss. To be fair, the wardrobe system is a more elegant way of doing things than what we have right now and is definitely an upgrade toward gameplay friendliness.

To talk about the wardobe system, we first have to talk about the system that currently is. Say a player have a level 80 character that is fully equipped and runed/sigiled. The player decides to change his/her build with a new set of equipment but choose to maintain the old look of his/her character. What the player does is use a Transmutation Crystal to merge his/her character’s old item with the new item, choosing the new item’s skin and/or stats with the old rune/sigil (assuming you continue using his/her rune/sigil).

With the new wardrobe system, you apply the skin you want onto the new item with the use of a Transmutation Charge. However because it is merely the application of skins, the old rune/sigil is not transferred to the new item by way of merging. So to get the new set of items to have the same runes/sigils, the player has to buy a new set of runes/sgils, which can turn out to be an expensive endeavor. The alternative is to use an Upgrade Extractor, which as it is, costs way more than the most expensive rune/sigil in the trade post (not counting infusions). There’s simply no point in extracting the rune/sigil when you can simply buy the rune/sigil at a relatively much lower cost.

There is yet a third alternative. That is to use Black Lion Salvage Kit to salvage the old item to retrieve the rune/sigil. So the cost of replacing the of a whole set of armor is currently only 6 Transmutation Crystals. After the patch, assuming 1 Transmutation Charge is required for each skin application, it’s going to cost 6 Transmutation Charges + 6 uses of Black Lion Salvage Kit. Moreover, this third alternative is not available if the old item was a karma item, which is a non-salvageable item.

Given this scenario, it is easy to see that Transmutation Charges does less things than Transmutation Crystals and that the Transmutation cash thingy will effectively be nerfed with the new wardrobe system.

Geek Generation out.