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Guild Wars 2: Living Story Intermission After Retaking Lion’s Arch

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

New patch for Guild Wars 2 came on yesterday. Living story’s first story has come to a conclusion, Scarlet is dead without saying why she did what she did or what it was that she saw or contacted with in the Eternal Alchemy. Surely it cannot be the dragon she woke that masterminded the whole thing. If the dragon was the mastermind, did it scheme all the events while asleep to wake himself up? Which sounds rather ludicrous.

So after the whole fiasco, a dragon woke up. According to the wiki, it was Mordremoth, elder jungle dragon, that woke up, though i’m not sure how that was inferred, probably there are other sources of information i have yet to come across. So what next? Not much actually, if you thought about it. According to the novel, Edge of Destiny, Kralkatorrik, elder crystal dragon, itself was flying around in Ascalon. It was not even clear why it didn’t finish off Ebonhawke since Destiny’s Edge’s trap didn’t work.

So Kralkatorrik was awake, and didn’t need a whole Scarlet Briar fiasco to do it, and being awake doesn’t mean very much apparently.

In terms of the living story, the patch doesn’t have much updates. Just one lengthy scene in the Dead End’s bar. I really hope we get to see black curtains that was promised the next time we go in there.

Another point to note is that there isn’t any Sylvari in the hero line up in the last season. So quite likely, the next season of living story is going to add a Sylvari. Some speculation on the forums say that the next story could possibly explore Malyck and the other mother/father tree. Let’s hope it’s not going to be another Trahearne-like weakling that claims all the glory while others do the hard work.

Can’t there be an asura that’s not obnoxious, a sylvari that’s actually mysterious and prophetic with his/her dreams?

Oh well.. Anyway before i leave off, i saw in the forums that someone was saying that: considering the rebuilding of the statue that got destroyed took three months of real world time, the rebuilding of Lion’s Arch is gonna take one to two years. Lol, Geek Generation out.


Guild Wars 2: The Battle for Lion’s Arch (Continued)

Geek Generation is back.

The earlier post on Battle for Lion’s Arch can be found here.

I’ve played more and found out more about the content. Apparently there is loot from the colored bosses called Assault Knights. It’s just that the ground is usually such a mess and the “Press F to search” or some text like that might not even appear. Just roam around the corpse and keep hitting the grab loot key until you get five Deluxe Gear Boxes. You also get a chance at looting a Spinal Blades upgrade component.

After the Prime Hologram, there’s the three smaller colored hologram. With each hologram, you’ve got to get the correct color buff in order to damage it. The group i was in proposed to do in the order of Red -> Green -> Blue. Not too sure about the significance of the order though.

The red hologram drops the dredge fire circles which should be plenty easy to avoid. After killing the hologram, it kind of splits into 6 more others which we have to kill. I don’t remember much about the green and didn’t get to fight the blue much. I do recall seeing huge semi circle AOEs at one of them. The green hologram split into 6 too. The blue didn’t but i’m not sure if it’s because it was blue or it was because it was the last.

In any case, once all the small holograms are dealt with, there’s the third and final phase before getting into the instanced content. There’s a treasure chest after this phase. In this one, there’s one big hologram in the center. At some point, you can head on in to the center to get the triple color buff, then head back out to kill small holograms. At least that’s what i think we’re supposed to do since those are the only things i managed to damage with the triple color buff. Do not try to dodge over the danger zones as they can’t seem to be evaded.

On a side note, one of the bosses in Lion’s Arch, called the Canoneer, that appears on the left side of the map, is really hard to kill. For this boss, it has a reflective shield that prevents ranged damage and returns that damage back to the players. The shield doesn’t seem to go away. I asked around and someone said the aether cannon bombardment could reduced the reflective shield stacks. But it has an insane amount of stacks to remove.

So if you’re fighting the Canoneer, please switch to melee weapons to fight it. If you’re targeted for bombardment, just move away from the melee fighters.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: The Battle for Lion’s Arch

[Wordpress acted up on me. I typed so much but it didn’t save or get published, just lost.. So i had to take down the post, redo it and republish.]

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Oh crap..

The Battle for Lion’s Arch patch for Guild Wars 2 is released today. Warning, possible spoilers ahead.

One of my friends got to the end of the content, which was an instanced content. As i was in a party with her, i got pulled in as well. So i got to see the ending before i went through the long and tedious fight.


Anyway, to begin, enter into Lion’s Arch. First thing to do would be to press M key to look at the map. Look for the colored icons, red, blue and green, that indicates the boss fights that must be completed before you can enter the Scarlet Briar part of the map.

The colored bosses are relatively simple. They have two AOEs, a smaller circle followed by a bigger circle. Simply use a range weapon to fight outside of the smaller circle. With the bigger circle, the strike time is a little slower than usual. So instead of dodging the moment you see the warning circle, dodge once after the bigger warning circle disappears. During the fight, there’ll be colored circles on the ground where you can stand to gain a damage buff.

After killing all three colored bosses, there’ll be three colored circles on the ground near the entrance to the Scarlet Briar area that you have to walk over to collect colored buffs over your head. You can only enter Scarlet Briar area after you’ve collected all three colors.


Upon entering the Scarlet Briar area, you’ll be in a fight with a boss called the Prime Hologram. The boss shoots beams that downs you instantly and leaves behind a burning ground which will eventually kill you if you’re down inside of it. Simply walk out of the warning zones the moment you see it. during the fight, a huge version of Scarlet Briar pops out take pop shots every now and then.

To damage the boss, there are colored circles on the ground that you have to walk over to gain a buff. You need at least one color to begin damaging the boss. I assume you can do more damage with all three colors. The thing with the burning beams shot by the hologram is that it originates from the circumference of the hologram. So if for some reason you need to change segments as demarcated by the burning ground, simply go through the center. Or if you’re tanky enough, you could just walk over the burning ground. But do note the yellow bubbles to the right (our right) of the hologram, as shown in the screenshot. The bubbles prevent movement and causes damage if you bump into them.

After the Prime Hologram, three smaller holograms appears, one for each color. I’m not too sure though, i think it might be that the Prime Hologram split into three smaller ones. You have to get the corresponding color buff to damage the smaller holograms. My game crashed during the fight with the first smaller hologram and after that i had to go off to cook : ( I’ll play more later and come back with more information.

Warning: Spoiler paragraph.
I doubt the smaller holograms are the last of it since i had to fight a wounded Scarlet in the instanced content. Which means there must be at least one more fight involving Scarlet after the holograms, where we wound her. Anyway, i was so sad when i thought Marjory was dead. I always thought Kasmeer was the one who’s going to die so she can like fuel Marjory. I’m just glad they both survived. Yay for Kajory !

One thing to note though is that the bosses are rather beefy and doesn’t give any loot. Not sure if the beefiness is due to scaling from lots of people, but if it’s not.. So if you want to get to the instanced content, better do it early while there’s still lots of people doing it.

Geek Generation out.

Update: The post on Battle for Lion’s Arch continues here.

Guild Wars 2: Escape from Lion’s Arch

Geek Generation here, hello everybody.

The events from Edge of the Mists culminates into a massive attack on Lion’s Arch by Scarlet Briar. Everything in Lion’s Arch was destroyed. Including the fountain that was rebuilt from when the Mad King destroyed it. What !! The Asuran portals are out of commission, Mystic Forge is gone, banks, tradepost and every other financial institution in Lion’s Arch is obliterated. But fear not, you can still continue to craft your ascended armor.

As to whether any services remain operational in Lion’s Arch, i’m not sure. The place has become a warzone, and i think it’ll be quite annoying if you were to make a hammer and suddenly a dozen Scarlet’s meanies pop up to murder you. Alot, if not all, of the services that you’re used to getting from Lion’s Arch can be found elsewhere.

To access crafting services, head on to your home borderland in WvW. Mystic Forge can be found in the home borderland’s garrison (the keep in the middle, south of the spawn point). Trade post is also found in WvW home borderland. As to laurel vendors, i think i remember seeing them in the various race’s capital city.

Rox and Braham (not sure where’s Taimi) are outside Lion’s Arch in Gendarren Fields making a foray into the city every hour to rescue the citizens. The more citizens you rescue in the event, the better the rewards. The reward tiers are as follows: 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500. Got that from the map chat, and the one’s saying it probably got the information from better guide sites like Dulfy.

I tried to find Kajory, prolly the favorite pair of everyone playing Guild Wars 2’s Living Story. The Dead End seems to be closed. Which makes sense since i would expect Kajory to be helping out in the events unfurling in Lion’s Arch. I didn’t exactly go all around to look for them, i’ll do that later.

So far, this bit of Living Story seems pretty fun. The only problem with the whole thing was the cyphers. The chests are all gone with no warning or grace period. Did Scarlet come back to take back all her chests before the attack? *blehz* A foray into the forums and you can find people saying “Lair still there but chests gone.”.

Like it or not, the cyphers are a form of in-game currency and should be treated as appropriately. To Anet: like phasing out Glory, give some warning and grace period when you decide cyphers should become utterly useless.

Another thing to take note of is the spinal back item recipe fragments thingy whatever it is called. You need to create a set of four pieces to transform into a recipe for crafting using the mystic forge that was destroyed (use the one in WvW home borderland keep). As with all limited items, collect as many of these as possible and trade it away months, or even weeks, later for a profit.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Edge of the Mists (Raiders of the Lost Parts)

Geek Generation here.

It turns out that Raiders of the Lost Parts is also a relatively simple achievement.

Taimi’s golem was damaged and is missing some parts. To complete the achievement, simply pick up the lost golem part and return it to her.


The lost golem part is located in the center of the map, The Juncture. There are several paths into the area containing the lost golem part. The picture’s path shows me coming from Tytone Perch Reactor and entering the chamber from the north via a ramp/stairs. The southwest bridge shown in the picture is another path in to the chamber.


This picture is me looking into the chamber on top of the north ramp/stairs.The lost golem part is located between two energy probes. You can’t see it in this picture because i’ve already picked it up before returning to this place to make a screenshot. When approaching the lost golem part, beware of the energy probes. Do not go near it. Going near it will bounce you off the island resulting in instant death.

Ok, that’s it for pve element of Edge of the Mist. Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Edge of the Mists (Delaqua Investigator and Live on the Edge)

Welcome back to Geek Generation everybody.

Guild Wars 2 has a new patch, Edge of the Mists. The patch features a new WvW map. Haven’t tried running around in it, not sure how it works. With the patch there are three new achievements with two of them hardly requiring any effort.


The achivement Delaqua Investigator requires travelling to the Dead End’s Tavern (or something like that) in the human city, Divinity’s Reach. It’s somewhat to the right of the entrance into the city. The most notable thing about the encounter would be when Kasmeer Meade said she wanted for the decorations, curtains and i don’t remember what else, fluffy pink bears maybe. Which Marjory Delaqua says no to, but in the same breath concede that curtains were ok, but only if they were black curtains.

Why’s it notable? Coz it gives us a better insight into the personalities of these two protagonists. Since i missed whatever was before the toxin part of the Living Story, i didn’t know much about these two characters before this. From the interaction, we can see who among the couple makes the decisions and who’s the doormat : D

If i were a story writer, this only goes one way. Toward the end, one of them would die. How’s that for a tragedy?

In any case, after the interaction, you’ll get another in game mail asking you to return to the tavern to complete more interactions and complete the Delaqua Investigator achievement.


Live on the Edge achievement is even simpler. What i did was head out to Bloodtide Coast and looked at the map to find the portal. You can see the portal as a purple whirl on the map. Travel to the purple whirl, enter the portal and the Live on the Edge achievement will be completed.

How the unstable mist portal looks like.

Will be back later after i explore the WvW portion of the patch. For now, Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: The Origin of Madness (Wurm)

Geek Generation here.

The first thing to note about the wurm part of the new content is that the in-game mail points you to the wrong waypoint. The event begins at the Firth Vigil Waypoint. The event begins with three escort missions. Each escort leads to a different location in Bloodtide Coast, with a different wurm at each location. There are Amber, Crimson and Cobalt wurms. Each wurm has a different fight mechanic.

Amber Wurm

With the Amber wurm, the players need to kill Plague Carrier Abominations and stand at close range when the Abomination dies. This would give the players a poison status, the yellow sign above the head.

Upon getting the poison status, players have to stand at the red arrow to be swallowed whole by the wurm.

Once swallowed, players have to fight their way out of the gut inducing the wurm to vomit. Not very sure of the significance of this, since it didn’t seem to do any damage at all to the wurm.

After the first abomination, an insane amount of hardy minions enters the fray to bounce you around. It becomes impossible to get to the abomination for a poison status, or if you got the status, impossible to stay alive long enough at the arrow to be swallowed, and i’m assuming if you do get swallowed, not enough people with poison status get swallowed making the whole exercise a futile activity.

As it stands, the event is insanely difficult.

Crimson Wurm

From what i gathered in the map chat, there are three color bars that you need to fill up before damaging the wurm.

Cobalt Wurm

From what i gathered in the map chat, the players need to plant barrels of bombs at the red arrow to be swallowed by the wurm before the wurm can be damaged.

After the failed wurm fight, there was a new build for Guild Wars 2. Hopefully some sense has trickled into the developers’ heads and they made the wurm events less insane.

Edit: Ok, i see that the achievements for the wurms have a category of their own called Triple Trouble (like Tequatl). And since the wurms are a permanent addition to the game, the insane difficulty is probably on par with Tequatl.

Guild Wars 2: The Origin of Madness (Marionette)

Hello everybody, this is Geek Generation.

Guild Wars 2’s new Living Story content, The Origin of Madness, is released today. Just had my first attempt on the Marionette. Here’s a brief run down on what happens and what to do.

The wurm and the marionette event ocurs at every alternate hour. So at the hour mark, if it’s not the marionette happening, it’s the wurm then.

With the marionette, there are five lanes. When you arrive, pick up the new waypoint and choose a lane to go to. Once you’ve picked it, there’s no switching of lanes. But one lane is as good as another. Commanders would likely tag up and try to organize things to ensure that lanes are not undermanned.

The lanes have two parts that matter. The part which ends in a wall, which is also the player portal to enter to the Marionette room. The player portal is not active and will not be usable until it charges up. The other part of the lane that matter is the opening of the lane, that is the opening from which you walk into the lane. When the event starts, an npc portal will appear at the opening and start spawning giant clockwork champions. The clockwork champions will start to move toward the player portal, picking up speed as it goes, until it’s actually running.

For this phase of the event, players have to kill the clockwork champions as quickly as possible to prevent them from reaching the player portal, which i assume will charge the marionette and cause it to fire a laser to kill everyone instantly, and thus fail in the event. While this champion clockwork killing is going on, the player portal charges up.

Once the player portal is fully charged, the tunnel walls of the lane will start displaying arrows pointing toward the player portal. At that point, drop everything that you’re doing and head to the player portal, interact with it to enter the marionette room. Not sure if it should be called the marionette room since i don’t see the marionette itself. In the room, is another champion. The champion’s aoe are not the traditional red, but avoid them all the same.

Once in the room, kill the champion and once the champion is dead, destroy the marionette’s chain link. Which should be something one part of the wall. We weren’t successful tho, since not many players entered the room.

At this point, i’m assuming that once all the five chains links are severed, the event would complete. Remember to do a /cheer as there seems to be an achievement for it.

More at Geek Generation once i try out the wurm.

Guild Wars 2: Shiverpeaks Explorer Achievement

Hello everybody. Geek Generation is not going to talk about CCG today. Well, i do play more than just CCG.

In Guild Wars 2, there’s an explorer achievement where the player has to visit all the places available on the specified maps in the Guild Wars 2 world. The maps included for the Shiverpeaks Explorer achievement are Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar’s Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Timberline Falls and Frostgorge Sound.

Before my Guild Wars 2 hiatus, my Shiverpeaks Explorer was at 173/175. You would’ve think that getting the 100% map completion achievement would mean you’ve explored all the possible places. But that wasn’t the case. Some of the places are so out of the way from the normal hearts, waypoints, vistas and points of interests that they are never encountered or traveled to during the course of the 100% map completion.

When i came back to playing Guild Wars 2, i still wasn’t paying the achievement any mind until i noticed one of the changes to the ui. On the achievement page, there’s a column in the table that displays the nearly completed achievements and it was clogging up with the explorer achievements. So i decided to try to finish up all the explorer achievements beginning with the Shiverpeaks Explorer.

I looked through the list of jumping puzzles available in Shiverpeaks and visted all the ones that i’ve never attempted before. That brought my Shiverpeaks Explorer up by one to 174/175. After googling abit more, i found that i was missing the Forsaken Halls in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. To get to this place, requires entering a dwarven gate near the Wyrmblood waypoint.


The red arrow shows the location of the dwarven gate, which is just west of Wyrmblood waypoint. When you arrive at the dwarven gate, the gate is closed. Interact with it, and it’ll tell you to head to the Travelen’s Steading to look for Gerrvid, pointed to by the blue arrow. Finding Gerrvid in the steading, he tells you to read three books lying around him. Read all three and talk to him again and tell him you’ve solved the riddle (You don’t have to actually solve any).

This starts an escort mission. When you’ve successfully escorted Gerrvid to the dwarven gate, the gate opens and you can enter the portal to Forsaken Halls. Shiverpeaks Explorer 175/175. Yay.

Extra (spoiler alert): Gerrvid’s quest line.
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