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Beyond Earth: You Lost. Um.. Why?

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

So i was finishing up my first civilization on a planet far far away. I finally started looking at the Victory tab and saw that some random AI civilization in another continent has 50% progress in the Transcendence victory path.

I read up on the help, which wasn’t very helpful. There was a whole chunk of text on the Mind Flower, the pre-requisite building for Transcendence victory. But there was nothing on the requirements for building such a building. Being affiliated with Harmony myself, i was kind of bewildered. Building Mind Stem on every city didn’t help either.

And then that random AI civilization built the Mind Flower. I thought i lost, but i was still in the game. Apparently i’ve forgotten about the need to accumulate.. ‘flower points’? to win. In any case, i thought it didn’t matter it the AI won, i still get to play until i win.

Until some turns later, i suddenly lost. By then i’ve forgotten about the whole enemy built the Mind Flower thing.

The problem was that the game simply told me i lost. Or atleast it does seem to say so, the description, like the help, was useless and filled with lots of irrelevant text. There was no score board, no summary, no reports. Why did i lose? Who won? There was only one button that i wanted to click; a “one more turn” button that was grayed-out, un-clickable.

I read online that the same abrupt ending plagues winners too.

Wth.. tell me i didn’t spend 60 dollars on a game that couldn’t be bothered to even print out who won the game..

Geek Generation out.


Civilization Beyond Earth: First Impression

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I’ve been playing Civilization: Beyond Earth alot lately. When i read about Civilization: Beyond Earth, it was mentioned as spiritual successor of Outpost. I kind of liked Outpost, and i wanted to play a game that allowed me to manage food, oxygen, power, etc., bulldozing tiles and suffering asteroid/lightning storm calamities.

It turns out that the definition of “spiritual successor” is not what i had in mind. Beyond Earth is only remotely related to Outpost. It’s not even Civilization in space. It’s Civilization on another planet. With marines replacing spearmen, primitive aliens replacing barbarians.

If i had known that Beyond Earth had absolutely nothing to do with Outpost and is basically a Civilization on another planet, i won’t have bought it. As it is though, i’ve bought it so i’ll just attempt to get as much value out of it as possible.

Geek Generation out.