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Life Is Strange: Dark Room

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I’m gonna talk about Life is Strange episode 4, Dark Room. So warning, spoilers ahead.

In episode 3, Max traveled way back in time to stop Chloe’s dad from dying, which had a very big impact on Chloe’s life. The consequence was that things changed alot more than what Max had in mind and Chloe’s life took a turn for the worse in the chain of butterfly effect.

I’m glad that the timeline in episode 4 was reset right after the first segment of the episode. It meant that all the choices in previous episodes weren’t simply erased. Though the choice of “helping” Chloe or not might not matter in the last episode, it’s all good. It’s only one choice in one scene.

I saw in the choices tab that one of the events was having Kate help you. Though i didn’t get that sequence, it’s really nice to know that managing to save Kate does result in her appearing in this episode. Finally, we’re starting to see the shape of things that are as consequences of events in the past.

There’s also the kill Frank option. I’m guessing that is dependent on getting the gun back in previous episodes. I need to play out my other two save slots to see these sequences.

I really liked the twist in last scene. The psychopath is certainly not who i was expecting. And is Chloe really truly dead? I’m thinking.. there’s was that selfie photo which Chloe photo bombed. Maybe Max could do the photo time travel thing again, using that photo. Maybe there’s a chance Chloe could be alive in the last episode.

But then again, there’s gonna be butterfly effect. Save Chloe and Max ends up in a wheelchair herself?

Anyway, Dark Room ties up alot of loose ends introduced in Chaos Theory, and i’m pretty satisfied with how the story is turning out. There’s only one thing left that i hope to see from the story. And that’s Max dyeing her hair blue : D

Geek Generation out.


Life Is Strange: Chaos Theory

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I thought i’ll put in a word about Life is Strange’s 3rd eppy, Chaos Theory before the release of eppy 4, which is expected some time this month.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Life is Strange is a game that keeps telling the players, us, that player choices in the game matter. They, according to description inside the game, affects past present and future. When i first read that line, i thought it meant that actions in the future or present ripples backward into the past like some experiments in quantum mechanics.

But i guess, if there’s a prescience of objective presentness, travelling to the past to change something would be changing the past rather than changing the present of the time traveller.. It’s a rather difficult idea, not commonly explored by time travel stories. Let me start over.

Of course, one cannot expect game choices to truly matter in the way that the story becomes truly divergent. There’s simply no way to create a game that’s truly divergent, because the development effort would, at a minimum, increase by a number of times equal to the number of diverging splits. There would not be enough budget for such a game. Unless the game is being written by an artificial intelligence.

As a result, choices in rpg games tend to be like molecules of water in a river. They could flow every which way, changing their paths within the river, but never truly deviating from the flow of the river.

Life is Strange is the same as the water molecules in the river analogy. There are lots of inconsequential choices like watering a plant, and there are lots of choices that converge back to a decision point, like whether you save Kate or not will still result in going to the principal’s office to blame one of the three targeted NPCs. All these are actually quite acceptable.


Then the developers went to turn around the choices matter concept with the last segment of Chaos Theory. That last segment changed everything in the game, effectively rendering all the choices that have been made, irrelevant. Suddenly, it no longer mattered whether you saved Kate, didn’t matter if you kissed Chloe, didn’t matter if the plant lived or died. I think the last segment is a pretty bad idea.

Geek Generation out.

Life is Strange: Chrysalis

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Sorry again for the procrastination. Long periods away tend to disrupt my usual undertakings. I have a tendency of not returning to games and stuff.


Warning, possible spoilers.

Anyway, i saw this game on Steam, girl protagonist, photograph taking, and i thought it was an old game, Fatal Frame. So i bought it only to realize later that it was a new and different game. In fact, of the five episodes i bought, only the first eppy is released. Next eppy is scheduled for March and the rest are T.B.A. -_-

My first play through, i decided to keep to myself and not talk to anyone unnecessarily, especially if i suspected that they were in the Vortex Club. I finished the entire eppy in an hour or two. Which in my opinion is way too short.

Overall, i still quite liked the game. Story telling rpg is my kind of thing. The ability to rewind time is what sets it apart from other adventure like rpg. In some rpg, where the player is given choices, the only way to make a different choice is to reload from a saved game. The process of saving and reloading, is kind of immersion breaking.

By building time rewind into the game, Life is Strange makes the very process of changing choices a part of the game. The game makes it a point to remind the player that certain choices are a cog in the butterfly chain and that there was still time to rewind time to change to a different choice.

However, this reminder had on one occasion, served to break immersion. In Chloe’s house, when going through the garage, Chloe’s father had not returned home. But going through the files and causes the reminder to pop up, warning/spoiling ahead that something is going to happen in the scenes in that house.

First eppy was on 30th Jan, second eppy is coming in March, i hope it doesn’t take half a year to release all five eppys.

The eppy is named Chrysalis. I thought eppy one would have begun the search for Rachel and that i would’ve stumble across some alien/unexplainable Chrysalis. The main grouse is that the eppy is too short. I hope the other eppys are going to be longer. But all in all, still a pretty neat game.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.