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Orange is the New Black: Season 3 Finale

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Just finished watching the finale of season 3 of Orange is the New Black. Omg, it was such a happy episode, with all the inmates getting a day out in the lake. Probably with not much repercussions too, they couldn’t possibly throw everyone into the SHU right? Morello got married, Norma and Red made up, Gloria and Marisol made up, Crazy Eyes and the fan girl became friends, Cindy got her baptism, Soso was inducted into the black group; happy vibes were all around.

I didn’t understand the significance of the bed replacement until i read a recap. It turns out that while the inmates are getting new beds, the new beds are double deck bunk beds. Which meant more crowding and less space which coupled with the influx of so many new inmates, will likely result in more altercations in season 4.

Nicky is probably out of the series. When a character leaves in a middle of the series, it’s usually hard for them to come back. After all, what is the actor/actress going to do in the mean time? Nicky, if she returns, would probably be just for an episode or two like George Mendez. Luschek the electrician is still waiting for his karma for screwing Nicky over like that.

Unlike Nicky, Berdie might come back, because that’s what she said and she’s not in a part of the Orange is the New Black lore where she’s not supposed to come back.

I hope Alex Vause remains a regular in season 4. Maybe she get stabbed and is left in the green house bleeding but not dead and her injury snaps Piper Chapman out of her power trip. Because right now, i really hate Piper Chapman.

Geek Generation out.