Hearthstone: Witchwood Monster Hunt – Toki

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I like Toki’s story arc alot. Future Toki coming to the past to stop herself from doing something that they will both regret. In terms of character development, Toki wins the rest of them, imo.

Toki’s theme is rng, moderated by the hero power that lets you reset the turn to try again. But rng is still rng, 50% chance of success still means 50% chance of failure. Pushing the button lets you roll the die again, not change the odds. So if playing Tinkmaster on turn 3 does little to advance your game plan but has the potential to lose you the game, maybe it’s better to reconsider doing nothing at all after failing the first time.

A bonus effect of Toki’s power is that you can use it to test for enemy secrets. You really want to play Time Warp but don’t know if there’s a Counterspell in the enemy’s Christmas Tree; use the button to your advantage.

With Toki, you can build into a very strong Exodia-like deck. The passive Double Time, which doubles the first spell you cast every turn is a very strong one to pick. It upgrades the value of every Unstable Portal and Primordial Glyph. And if you picked Open the Waygate bucket, you could take two extra turns, which is really insane.

Toki requires abit of careful deck building though. Her deck has a very weak early game. Picking an elemental bucket or two is often a good idea, especially if it contains Firefly, Tar Creeper or Leyline Manipulator. Leyline Manipulator is really good for Toki. It discounts minions too!

Toki also does not really have any built in end game plan. Picking an entire random-effect deck might seem like you’re working her button efficiently, but you still need some non-random way to kill off your opponent. Try to pick up one or two Antoinidas or Arcane Giants.

The strongest passive for Toki, imo, turns out to be the unassuming Rewind, the one that gives you one (only one) second chance if you lose the game. When a game is restarted via Rewind, both you and the boss get back the same after-muligan hand (you could draw differently after that) (so make sure you mulligan properly!). Which makes the first few turns give a nostalgic feeling of deja vu. Like you’ve travelled back in time. Kudos to the developers for a mechanic well-made.

The reason why Rewind is the strongest passive for Toki is because future Toki has an improved Rewind called Alternate Timeline. It’s a 10 mana spell that resets the game like Toki’s Rewind, except that Toki’s (your Toki) health does not reset. The odds are against you for fighting a full health future Toki with less than optimal health. Especially so if you have a weak start against a fast start.

Which is where your Rewind comes in. After future Toki casts Alternate Timeline (which she seems to always do) (and it seems like the spell is removed after that), you try your best to win. But you’re more likely to die instead. That’s when your Rewind kicks in and resets the game once more, and more importantly resetting your health to full, for a fairer fight.

So don’t worry if you don’t see your Double Time or spell damage passives, pick Rewind if you see it. With a little luck, since it’s Toki’s theme, you’ll win the game. Geek Generation out.


Hearthstone: Witchwood Monster Hunt – Houndmaster

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here with a review on Witchwood Monster Hunt’s Houndmaster. I’m kind of excited to play this, because Hunter and Beasts theme is one of my favorites.

It seems Houndmaster’s pool draw Beasts and Deathrattles from all classes. Unfortunately, i’ve only encounter one upgrade to Shaw’s button, which is a passive to upgrade Bloodhounds with +2 attack.

Personally, i hesitate to grab the upgrade as both passives. Sure 5/1 dogs are great, but 3/1s tend to get the job done well enough. I would think it’s better to have another passive to complement your less ferocious dogs. To that end, i think the passives that give you an extra mana crystal or the one that gives your minions +2 health works pretty well with the Bloodhounds.

A note on the +2 health passive, it doesn’t work very well with Swift Messenger. You won’t get a 2/8 | 6/4 variation. Somehow, the messenger looks forward into what being in play is like and you get 2/8 | 8/2 variations.

Anyway, Knight of the Wild is great with the Bloodhounds. And be sure to pick up Bubba if you pick this passive. The passive affects all Bloodhounds, including Bubba’s.

There’s a minion that’s a 3/3 rush that transforms into a 5/5 every turn that it survives. In theory, it’s a great immortal minion, but in practice, it’s a terrible minion. Shaw doesn’t have that many Taunts to protect the dude, more often than not, the dude’s a dud. Don’t ever pick him.

Unlike Tess, Shaw should stay away from Lock and Load. Don’t ever pick it. Lock and Load doesn’t work for Houndmaster. His cheap spells are really weak. And one game, against Glinda, i was in topdeck mode trying to answer her board, i drew Lock and Load into Play Dead into Stampede.

Glinda with her Kabal Traffickers, Voidlords and her resilient 6/3 that shuffles back, imo, the only way to beat her is to prseent your offerings to N’Zoth. Sure, who needs a ton of Baron Rivendares. But N’Zoth makes the bucket worthwhile. Also, pick up the Deathrattles trigger straight away when you pick the Deathrattle strategy. Last but not least, that 5/5 that gains 3 Deathrattle from your deck is very good for a Deathrattle themed deck.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Witchwood Monster hunt – More on Tess and Darius

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I learned today that the last boss of a monster hunt run is always the same for each character. As i didn’t really go over the final boss fight (round 8 boss), i thought i’ll make an additional post regarding the final boss fight for Tess and Darius.

Tess’s final boss is Captain Shivers. Captain Shivers’s strategy is a recursive King’s Bane that goes infinite with Dead Man’s Hand. The biggest threat in Shivers deck is Troggzor, Loatheb and Cho, mainly because you tend to be using lots of spells with Tess. As long as Dead Man’s Hand didn’t go off with these in hand, Shivers would not present much of a problem. Especially if you’re running Jade Shuriken.

The King’s Bane itself wasn’t so deadly because Shivers seem to always want to hit a minion with it. Maybe my board was stronger back then.

The best win condition against Captain Shivers is to wait for him to play Fel Reaver. After he does that, go to town on his deck to break his Dead Man’s Hand combo. If your life is sufficiently high, consider letting Fel Reaver live for a turn more to deck Shivers completely. You likely wouldn’t be able to mill King’s Bane though.

Darius’s final boss is Lord Godfrey. Again, i don’t remember much of the quick run. Suffice to say, a good upgraded cannon with lots of big minions should do the job. Don’t go about drafting a horde of little pirates that die to Godfrey’s hero power in a turn or two.

Imo, the Inspire bucket along with Maiden of the Lake offers the best value to Darius since he can usually push the button multiple times.
There’s a passive that let’s you replace your weapon with a random weapon whenever it is destroyed. Sometimes you get something good like Poisoned Blade (+1 attack everytime you push the button). But most of the time, you just get garbage weapons with lots of durability. That passive is definitely not worth the slot.

Into the Breach: Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg-Prime-Lightning Blitzkrieg-Brute-Hook Blitzkrieg-Ranged-Boulder

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here for a review on Into the Breach’s Blitzkrieg squad.

– Only 2 damage dealers
– Only 2 crowd controllers
– Starting damage: 3

– Chain attack letting you hit multiple enemies.
– Hook Mech begins with the Grappling Hook, which in my opinion is the best equipment in the game.

– Chain attack causes alot of collateral damage. Things like trains, terraformer, robots that you need to protect, your own Ranged unit, can become problematic.
– Does not reach 4 damage in a single attack

The defining theme of Blitzkrieg squad is the Lightning mech’s chain attack. When you play with it, you’ll quickly realize that the Lightning mech’s chain attack is not all sunshine and flowers. Without modifications, Boulder mech dies to the Lightning Mech’s rampage. So while it is tempting to give Lightning Mech Building Chain with the first reactor core, it is best to hold off until your Boulder mech can survive atleast 1 hit from Lightning mech.

The best pilot for Blitzkrieg is probably Mafan. Let Mafan drive the Hook mech and you can use the Brute to link up the Vek, while pulling an additional Vek, for Lightning mech to blitz. Every turn. If you do not have Mafan yet, the next best would probably be, Bethany or Ariadne.

Abe doesn’t do anything for the Hook mech as Armor does not stack. But you could put him onto Boulder mech though. That lets it survive 1 lightning strike and your first reactor core can go into Building Chain.

Kazaaakpleth makes an interesting choice, letting your Hook mech start dealing damage and giving the option of a push cc instead of a pull cc. Kazaaakelpth on Lightning mech also helps shore up the problem of the squad’s lack of good crowd control. Boulder mech’s crowd control pushes sideways, which tend to make it harder to push stuff if it is sitting in the artillery lane.

Prospero is also a possiblity as it lets Hook mech fly over water to pull Veks to meet their drowned god. But Mafan is still the best pilot for this squad.

For the first reactor core
– If Abe (Boulder), Building Chain
– If Mafan (Hook), +1 hp for Boulder

After that, work towards getting Boulder mech to 3 damage so that it can snipe off those annoying Scorpions and Fireflies. After this, i like to hold back from assigning reactor cores and see what equipment is available from the reputation store.

The first thing to get is an alternate skill for lightning mech which makes the mech useful when everything is already connected to priority targets that you need to protect. Preferably something with cc. The best would be Titan Fust fir that sweet spot of 4 damage or Prime Spear which is just all round awesome.

Although Acid Projector is a science class weapon, you can still fit it onto Hook mech for just 1 reactor core and it becomes a really good crowd controller. The overall reactor core cost for a Hook Mech with Acid Projector is still pretty low. Brute class has a Phase Cannon (push cc), which i don’t see very often, which is also a good fit on the Hook mech.

Acid Tanks are, as usual, always good.

At first glance, Blitzkrieg seems pretty good at blocking Vek. But this is not the case. If you block a Vek with the Boulder, you only have 1 other mech dealing damage. Which sometimes commit you to blocking every turn for the rest of the mission.

I try to avoid defend robots and train missions for Blitzkrieg.


Chain Attack
Chaining through 10 tiles is not difficult to achieve once you get the building chain. You’ll get the achievement through normal game play.

Lightning War
Personally, it usually takes 1/2 hour per corporate island for the best playthrough. For this achievement, you’ll need to really rush. Don’t bother thinking about best play to reach the volcano with best results. Just rush through the islands and abandon the timeline after getting the achievement. Also, don’t forget that you can set the timer ui to show in the settings. It helps for you to determine if you’re in time for the achievement.

Hold the Line
Blocking 4 merging Veks does require some setup. You’ll likely need to set it up over a turn or two. Blocking one or two Vek spawning tiles so that you have more Vek spawning tiles to block the next turn. You might have to throw a game to complete this achievement.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Witchwood Monster Hunt – More on Cannoneer

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I played more of Darius Crowley on another server to complete the quest over there too and i realized that i’m forgetting something about Darius in the last post.

Darius’s hero power refreshes automatically whenever you kill a minion with the cannon. Which means the Inspire bucket is actually pretty good on their own. You could sometimes inspire your Mukla’s Champion and Lowly Squire multiple times for tremendous value.

In terms of supporting the cannon, i think Maiden of the Lake is very high in value. Prioritize picking it if you see it in the buckets. Garrison Commander.. meh, not so much, since alot of the times you can refresh the button yourself.

I saw another cannon upgrade which increases your cannon damage by 1. I think that’s the best cannon upgrade for Darius. It lets you kill off and refresh your button when normally you wouldn’t be able to.

If you picked alot of mid range to late game drops, be very mindful when pushing the cannon away from the center. It might become very hard to reposition your cannon and still fire multiple times.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Hearthstone: Witchwood Monster Hunt – Tracker n Cannoneer

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I’ve been playing a little bit of Hearthstone’s new Witchwood dungeon mode. Compared to Kobolds and Catacombs’ dungeon, i think Witchwood’s Monster Hunt is better.

The most notable thing is that there are brand new heroes to use in the dungeon mode, which is a fresh take on the game, considering how some people are feeling that the meta is stale. I never thought that way for all the metas though, but i digressed.

Tess Greymane – Tracker

Tess hero power is to discover a spell that has been played that game. And if there are no spells played before you pressed the button, you get a free 0 mana Pebble that deals 1 damage to an enemy. If you manage to get that Pebble against the Whisperer (or some name like that, the one with the passive that says all spells have Echo) boss, it’s an instant free win. Just Echo Pebble the boss 50 or 60 times depending on when you met him/it.

I think the strongest ability you can get for Tess is for the hero power to cost one mana and can be used twice a turn. Once you have that, for the first 2 turns, you’ll likely be just pressing the button to get 3 Pebbles to feed your Rogue Combo cards. You can’t get Pebbles anymore if a spell was played.

Tess draws from a mixed pool of Hunter and Rogue cards. I think Hunter cards are mostly secrets and Lock and Load, which is amazing with Pebbles. The strongest buckets for Tess is probably those that contains Jade Shuriken. Whenever a bucket has Jade Shuriken, pick it. Don’t go full on Jades though. It’s better to skip Jade buckets that don’t have Jade Shuriken. They don’t help much, unless you really really want that Aya.

With loads of Jade Shurikens, pick up some Lock and Loads, some Edwins, and you’re off to a strong deck that can abuse Tess’s spell discovery hero power.

Darius Crowley – Cannoneer

Darius Crowley starts the game with an indestructible cannon. Whenever you press the button, the cannon shoot whatever minion is opposite of it. If the cannon is between 2 minions, it shoots both minions. If there are no minions opposite it, it shoots the boss. That about covers most of the positions of the cannon. Except the spot that at the edge of the enemy minion line, i don’t know whether that shoots the boss or not.

One thing to note though is that the cannon does not count as a minion. So even if you played all your minions on the left side of the cannon, Crushing Walls still get the one that’s next to the cannon.

Darius has several upgrades to the cannon. One of them gives your minions +1 attack for the turn, the other lowers the mana cost of a random card in your hand by 2. Both are really good options.

I think Darius only draws cards from Warrior class. Don’t think i’ve seen another class’s card. I’ve seen Patron Warrior buckets, Taunt, Pirates, Rush, Inspire and Dragon buckets. I don’t really know how the other buckets fare, i didn’t get to play much as i won on my first run picking up every Dragon bucket and 1 inspire bucket.

My upgrade picks were the cannon upgrades, +1 attack and discount 2 mana. Both my extra cards were the Rush dude that fires your cannon after it attacks. Having lots of high cost dragons and stuff isn’t a problem as you can discount them by pressing the button. Having more dragons meant not having problems with dragon synergy cards like Alexstraza’s Champion and Blackwing Corruptors.

Plus, Deathwing is awesome against those last bosses when both of you have no hand and are trying to draw answers to an overwhelming board.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Into the Breach: Rift Walkers

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Today, i’ll be reviewing the Rift Walker squad from Into the Breach.
RiftWalkers-Prime-Combat RiftWalkers-Brute-Cannon RiftWalkers-Ranged-Artillery

– 3 damage dealing mechs
– 3 crowd control mechs
– Starting damage: 4

– Able to reach 4 damage
– All mechs able to damage and cc

– No flying mechs, have to worry about getting hemmed in.

Rift Walkers is the first squad you get to use. My initial impression was that the Rift Walkers wasn’t a strong squad. But as i returned to playing the squad to complete the hard mode for the various island numbers, i realized that my perception of the Rift Walkers was coloured by my initial inexperience with the game.

In my opinion, Rift Walkers is a pretty strong squad. All Rift Walkers mech are capable of dealing damage. This means that there is less reliance on Kazaaakpleth allowing you to experiment more with other pilots. All three mechs are capable of crowd control. Though Artillery mech’s attack does not damage on cc.

Because all three mechs are capable of push cc, Force Amp (Vek takes +1 damage from bumps) passive could work well with Rift Walkers.

The main disadvantage of Riftwalkers is that they require alot of reactor cores to work well. The lack of aoe also means spawners like Spiders and Diggers (the ones that surround themselves with rocks) can become very troublesome.

To make full use of Rift Walkers’ pushing ability, use mobility pilots like Henry Kwan and Prospero so that Combat mech and Cannon mech can get to their positions. Camila Vera is also good since the mechs can’t get to a superior position if they can’t move. Archimedes helps the Combat mech to stay in the center positions and not become to far away to hit the next turn.

The first few reactor cores should go to Cannon mech to increase it’s damage letting it kill of small hornets and small crabs. The next few cores should go into +1 move for Combat and Cannon mech if their pilot did not reveal a +1 move. After that, upgrade Artillery’s damage. 3 damage lets you snipe off scorpions and fireflies with it. Buildings immune is a nice to have quality of life, but not an absolute must.

Next upgrade is combat mech’s damage to the sweet 4 damage to kill off Alpha hornets and spawners with a single hit.

As with all other squads, pick up the Grappling Hook if it is available.


Watery Grave
Drowning 3 Veks in a battle is easily done with the Break Dam missions.

Ramming Speed
5 tiles away is more than 1/2 the map’s dimensions. The achievement is unlikely to come from regular play. Easier to setup if you have a Grappling Hook.

Island Secure
Achievement that comes with playing the game.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Into the Breach: Pilots

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here with more stuff on Into the Breach.

As you play the game, whether you win or lose, you get to choose to send one surviving pilot through time, into your next game. When starting a new game, remember not to feel too obligated to use this pilot that has come from some other timeline. It’s better to choose a fresh pilot if there’s another with a better fit to your game plan.

For pilots, i’ll classify them as top tier which you’ll usually play them as starter pilot or as non-top tier which you’ll prefer to pick up along the way.

Ralph Karlsson: Gain +2 bonus XP per kill

Ralph’s Karlsson’s ability is not very useful. It’s not hard to reach max level especially if you manage your pilots by swapping them around i.e. swapping a pilots from non-damaging mechs with pilots from high damage mechs. Even if you pilot swapping is not your playstyle, you should be able to max level all your pilots by simply carefully leaving higher xp kills to your lower level pilots.

You’ll stop using him once you get any other pilot.

Camila Vera: Mech unaffected by Webbing and Smoke

Camila Vera is a top tier pilot. She’s useful even when you’re not using the Rusting Hulks squad, which prodces lots of smoke. When playing with Camila, place her closer to the Veks that can web to use her ability to the fullest.

I didn’t think Camila was very good at first, thinking the ability was mediocre at best. It turns out to be a real gem after i used her a couple of times. Web immunity doesn’t just mean your Camila is free to do whatever she wants, it also means that your other mechs, instead of having to cc to free your webbed mech, can cc the other vek.

Lily Reed: Gain +3 Move on first turn of every mission

I don’t find Lily Reed to be very useful. She probably shines in maps where the center is occupied by a huge block of mountains. Those maps tend to be a killer for slow and non-flying, non-range squads.

Personally, i don’t like doing block Vek missions, which also probably reduces my need for Lily.

Kazaaakpleth: 2 damage melee attack replaces Repair

Kazaaakpleth is a top tier pilot. I tend to pick it for squads with Science mechs. Plop it into any non-damaging mechs and your dps increases by alot. The melee attack also pushes, which also helps to complement some mechs that need a push cc.

The only time Kazaaakpleth would require careful consideration is when you want to equip it into a self damaging mech. Not that it’s not possible, but you’ll have to know what you’re doing if your doing that.

Gana: Deploy anywhere on the map, damaging adjacent enemies (1 power)

The damage is of minimal consequence. It’s helpful if you can kill of a 1 health mantis. But its effect is cancelled by a healing Psion. The ability shines when you’re playing the Block Vek missions.

Gana also helps a little with the train escort missions as you can get to the other side of the train right at the beginning, and hopefully blocking off some Vek from getting to bad positions for the train. Not a pilot i would pick as a starter, but i don’t mind picking him up along the way.

PilotArchimedes PilotChenRong
Archimedes: Move again after shooting (1 power)
Chen Rong: After attacking, gain 1 free tile movement

I don’t value these two pilots very highly. Archimedes is very useful for maintaining the center position after an attack. But i don’t usually pick him as a starter. Chen Rong, because his ability does not require power, can be used early in the game for some Science mechs where they need to get out of the line of fire after doing their science thing. That said, i think Kazaaakpleth’s ability outshine these two pilots as a starter. These are pilots i would rather pick up along the way. If i really have to pick one of this mobility pilots, i’ll go with Chen Rong because you can use the ability much earlier, which is when it tends to matter more.

Issac Jones: Gain 1 extra ‘Reset Turn’ every battle

Issac Jones ability does not really give any in-game edge, but it’s really helpful to have one more ‘Reset Turn’. Even the best players in the world makes mistakes every now and then. And when you catch yourself making a mistake during the first turn, having Issac Jones makes the game a more comfortable experience. Issac Jones is a nice pick up along the way.

PilotHenryKwan PilotProspero
Henry Kwan: Mech can move through enemy units
Prospero: Mech gains Flying (1 power)

Henry Kwan is a top tier pilot. The ability to reposition your mechs without getting blocked by annoying Veks (Psions of all things -_-) is truly a gem.

At the cost of 1 power, Prospero can fly over chasms and also attack while in water.

Unless all your non-ranged mechs are flying, Henry Kwan is a good choice. I only pick Prospero as starter if he comes with a reactor core.

PilotBethanyJones PilotAbeIsamu
Bethany Jones: Mech starts every mission with a Shield
Abe Isamu: Mech gains Armored

I feel that these pilots are outclassed by the top tier pilots. Definitely don’t mind picking them up along the way as their defensive abilities gives you more options. But i don’t usually start with them.

To be fair, i do believe that Abe Isamu has more value than i give it credit for.

Ariadne: +3 Health and Immune to Fire

Like Bethany and Abe, Ariadne is a defensive pilot. Ariadne’s immunity to fire is what makes it a top tier pilot. The best use of Ariadne is in self damaging mechs. Ariadne’s high health pool lets you go through the mission with minimal repairs. Fire immunity lets these self damaging mechs go onto forest tiles, increasing your options by alot.

Silica: Mech can act twice if it does not move (2 power)

Personally, i don’t like Silica. The ability requires 2 power, a premium price for situations that do not occur very often. It’s not very often that you can afford to not move your mechs.

Harold Schmidt: Push adjacent tiles when repairing

I’ll say Harold Schmidt is a top tier pilot even though i don’t start with him very often. I tend to use Kazaakpleth over Harold if i need the push cc. It really comes down to your playstyle. Do you want a 2 damage melee attack or do you want the ability to heal.

Mafan: +1 Reactor Core. Reduce Mech HP to 1. Gain Shield every turn.

Mafan is a top tier pilot. It’s the only pilot that let’s you start the game with 2 reactor cores. But i prefer to have +1 Move on Mafan coz the mechs i put Mafan in tend not to need that many cores.

Gaining a Shield every turn offers a gameplay that’s usually not available to other mechs. Except maybe Abe. I tend to put Mafan in bruts, so they can block a firefly’s attack while shooting something else far away. That lets you solve 2 Vek problems with 1 mech.

Also, with a shield, your mech is immune to fire as long as it doesn’t lose the shield.

Ok, so much for now on pilots, Geek Generation out.

Into the Breach: General Tips and Questions

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here with more on Into the Breach.

The best advice i can give anyone is to immediately re-map the “End Turn” key away from space bar. If you’ve been playing the game for awhile, chances are you would have turned off the need for confirmation for end of turn. The results is usually disastrous if the turn is accidentally ended prematurely.

The first time it happened, my nephew was playing with a ball and it landed on the keyboard. With the space key being such a huge target, it was easily an hour of gameplay wasted. It usually takes me half an hour for a corporate island.

After that, i re-mapped it to the enter key on the numpad. I thought it made sense to put it there, it’s out of the way from stray nephew hands and accessible to my thumb should i want to press it. Until i had fat thumbs.. Now i’ve re-mapped it the forawrd slash at the numpad hoping that i will never again lose all my power through events other than gameplay.

One of the important things to realize about the game is that the pilots are expendable. Sometimes, it’s better to sacrifice your pilot by using him/her/it to block lethal damage that would have damaged your grid. Especially if your pilot is a generic pilot that doesn’t provide any reactor cores and it’s the last few turns of the mission.

Volcano Island

Speaking of dying, dying in phase 1 of Volcano Island is not a game ending consequence. All your mechs are revived to full health in phase 2. Even the “Reset Turn”(s) are refreshed. However, you do not get any opportunity to rearrange your reactor cores. So prior to entering the volcano island, make sure the reactor cores granted by the pilot is used to power something that you can do without. Reactor cores granted by the pilot are green in color.

Also, bear in mind that lava (not tentacles) is not instantaneous death for your mechs. Lava is like water, it prevents your non-flying mechs from using skills. The only difference is that lava sets your mech on fire.

Can i destroy the giant volcano in phase 1 to take the treasures hidden underneath it?

Unfortunately, the giant volcano in phase 1 is undamageable. The elusive treasures will never be ours : (

Center is King

When moving your mechs into engagement, always keep in mind that the tiles closer to the center are the best tiles tactically. Being near the center means your mechs can reach more tiles during the next turn. Always keep this in mind when there are multiple positions that you can attack a Vek from. Ranged class mechs usually stay at artillery range though.

AoE is Collateral Damage

When upgrading mechs, do keep in mind that bigger AoE isn’t always a good thing. The possibility of collateral damage might restrict your mech’s options.

+1 Move is Valuable

Do not underestimate the value of using reactor cores to upgrade your mech’s hp and move. +1 move might not seem alot, but it could be all the difference needed to reach an enemy or even flank an enemy and push it into the water.

Vek Spawning Tiles

Vek spawning tiles do not go away after it has been blocked. They are delayed to the next turn adding more to the spawn next turn. Ergo, sometimes it’s better to reconsider the style points of killing off Vek via making them block. Sometimes it’s better to let everything spawn so that you can kill them off so that the Vek numbers wouldn’t stack up.

That said, sometimes you might have to block so you have more mech to Vek ratio the next turn to grant you time to kill off particularly troublesome Veks.

Last but not least, don’t forget that your mechs can repair even when they’re frozen. Repairing removes all status effects, including acid and ice.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.

Into the Breach: An indie tactical

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I’ve been playing lots of Into the Breach and i thought i’ll post some stuff on the game. Gauging by Steam’s records, i’ve played Into the Breach for 131 hours already even though i’ve only gotten the game for slightly more than a month. I think the game is really engaging.

The developers of Into the Breach are the same ones that made FTL. If you liked FTL, you’ll probably like Into the Breach even though they are not the same type of games. I find Into the Breach much more enjoyable. I feel that there’s less deadly rng involved in Into the Breach, and it is turn based. FTL requires alot more apm (actions per minute) than Into the Breach.

In a sentence, the game is an open information, turn based, grid based, roguelike, tactical game. The game begins by sending in your squad of mechs into the battlefield. Once your mechs are deployed, you need to survive for 5 turns while attempting to fulfill the mission objectives.

Then the Vek would spawn, and more would spawn every turn. The Vek moves first, telegraphing their attacks for the next turn. The Vek might attack your mechs or any of the buildings on the map (or stuff encased in ice). Once the Vek finishes moving and telegraphing, the turn ends. The new turn begins with environment effects followed by your turn. During your turn, you do your best to kill Vek, complete objectives, and minimize damage to your buildings.

Whenever you lose a building, you lose one power from your power grid (some tiles have 2 buildings). You lose the game when you run out of power.

Friendly fire exists in the game. Vek can shoot Vek, you can shoot your own mechs (sometimes you’ll want to (for the crowd control), you can shoot your own buildings too.

Mechs can be upgraded with reactor cores that you find from pods that have a chance of dropping from the sky every mission. Some mission objectives give you a reactor core. Pilots in a mech can gain experience whenever a Vek dies. Leveling a Pilot can grant stats (hp/move) or more power grid defence or even a reactor core.

You proceed through the game via protecting 2 to 4 corporate islands by doing missions in that islands. Once you’ve “protected” (you can fail badly) atleast 2 corporate islands, you can proceed to the volcano island for the final mission.

Ok, that’s about all i can think of to briefly describe the game. Next post i’ll talk about some tips and tricks followed by analysis of the different squads, pilots, equipment and maybe even Veks. Geek Generation out.