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Guild Wars 2: Get Your Commander Tag Today

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

It’s been awhile since i played Guild Wars 2. But i have friends who still play Guild Wars 2 and are always trying to entice me to return to the game by telling me news about the game.  

The latest news i got about Guild Wars 2 was that the Commander tag was going to rise in price from 100g to 300g while at the same time changing from character bound to account bound. In my opinion, this is a really positive change similar to that of legendary weapons. It improves the value of the Commander tag for non-commanding purposes to more than just a vanity expense. 

Why should i buy the commander tag if i do not plan to command for either WvW or PvE events?

The answer to that question, aside from the eventual increase in price and account bound changes to come, is that the tag is quite useful for purposes of communication. Say you play a mesmer and just finished a jumping puzzle and decided to be really nice and offer to “port” others to the end point. Having a commander helps players unfamiliar with the jumping puzzle to see where you are on the map. 

If you’re trying to complete a lonely event in a map that’s not so popular, having a commander tag also helps to gather people to your location. 

All in all, i would say the commander tag will be a good buy and that you should buy it now if you can afford the 100g, before it rises in price.

Plus, eventually the commander tag’s color would be changeable. How cool is that! I hope i can change it to pink 😀

Geek Generation out.