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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Fate of Eir and Faolain.

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. The following contains spoilers for Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, story mode. Readers be-warned.

I was playing Guild Wars 2 expansion and was only now playing the story elements. I think i came to the end of the first chapter and boy, the cut scene blew me away. I didn’t play alot of the Living Story season 2, and didn’t know much of what went on before Heart of Thorns.

From the various story elements and conversations with guildies, i managed to get at the following. Alot of Sylvari is being mind controlled by Mordremoth. The new plant dragon introduced by story build up from Living Story.

I don’t know whether Caithe is being mind controlled, but she stole an egg, presumably dragon egg, and went deep into Maguuma jungle. For most parts of the Heart of Thorns story i played so far involved trailing after Caithe.

And looking for members of Destiny Edge. I think they were all captured and brought into Maguuma Jungle. It appears that Rytlock jumped into some portal/hole/thingy, and came back with.. dragon imbued powers? Is that Glint? Actually, i don’t know anything about Glint..

One wiki later, ok.. Glint is dead. Presumably these things don’t stay dead, or in the dead form, for very long. Anyway, point to note, Destiny’s Edge never killed any dragon. They defeated an Elder Dragon, with the help of Glint, another dragon.

Anyway, Rytlock’s new found magic powers come with “baggage”, to be explained in the story as i progress further, i presume.

Anyway, i came to the point where Eir and Faolain. While the new Rytlock is cool, Eir is actually my favorite character from Destiny’s Edge. So boy was i glad that i found her. Not only that, Faolain is my favorite villain in the whole game. Of course, there’s Scarlet Brair, but she’s more hero than villain, imo.

Once Eir and Faolain was released, shit hit the fan. I’m not too sure what was happening, but Faolain was running, tripped by some Modremoth vines and nearly impaled her own head into a pointy root.

Eir was grabbing onto Faolain’s foot, not too sure why, maybe she liked Faolain’s shoes, Faolain decided to use the pointy root to stick Eir, while proclaiming, “I’ll take my chances.”

The pointy root goes into Eir from the side, below the chest. Probably punctured her stomach and intestines. Omg.. That’s fatal, Eir’s going to die !! Faolain makes a run for it. Eir pulls out the point root and prepares to throw it at Faolain. Whew, Eir’s not going to die. Coz heroics demand that if you can pull a projectile and hurl it at someone else, you’ve got a pretty good chance to live.

The pointy root impales Faolain from the back, but that’s ok, she’s a plant, she hasn’t got vital organs inside her. But physics and inertia takes her down, and she falls. Some Mordremoth vine picks Faolain up and smashes her to death. Nuuuuuuuuuuu..

Eir was kind of shocked, and her face goes through a range of emotions, none of which i could identify or understand, partly because i don’t know what went down between Eir and Faolain. The some legendary Mordremoth minion impales and kills Eir.


Eir’s dying is definitely shocking. It denotes a twists to the story not many other vanilla stories dare visit. Whoever wrote up the story, and whoever choreographed the cut scene should get a raise. It was perfect storytelling.

But but.. Faolain.. dead.. Nuuuuuuuuuuu..

Faolain and Caithe’s love goes beyond just lesbian plant love. They were Firstborns. They’re siblings, it’s incest! Definitely a story plot worth exploring. And now Faolain went and died.

*Sniff* I need a moment. Geek Generation out.