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Guild Wars 2: Living Story Season 2 (Gates of Maguuma)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The new season, season 2, of living story for Guild Wars 2 came out yesterday.

Gates of Maguuma, as a pilot for new content, is a little underwhelming. If one compares the living story to a TV series, Gates of Maguuma is like the pilot episode. In my opinion, pilot episodes have a responsibility to be interesting enough to draw in people into the season and seasons to come. It should make people want to experience the next episode, more so than subsequent episodes, so that when people start applying sunk cost fallacy, they’re hooked for the rest of the season.

The thing with Gates of Maguuma being different from a TV program also works against it. With TV programs, there’s the recap portion that occurs before the show, like “Previously on Guild Wars 2”. So i’m willing to bet that there are much lesser players in the position to appreciate the cameo of Riot Alice. Maybe there are even more returning characters present and i don’t realize that they are returning characters.

I didn’t even know Master of Peace was the person we talked to in Lion’s Arch previously until my friend told me. Master of Peace is not exactly a kind of iconic name. It sounds more like a title for the sheriff or something. A name like Morning, a red shirt character in one of the instances in Gates of Maguuma, is so much more memorable. What’s up with that? They give memorable names to red shirts but core npcs are called Master of Peace.

So the team.. i don’t think there’s a name for the team yet, maybe i’ll just call them Team Scarlet, as a tribute to Scarlet Briar, goes after Master of Peace, finds him, kill Aerin for him, and for some reason have to talk to him from across a canyon, and the Master of Peace says, “I’m not gonna tell you anything, and i’m off now, ta.”. Perhaps this was the bit that was supposed to hook the players into the season but.. really who cares about a guy who doesn’t reward us for saving him?

The whole fiasco results in an unsatisfying unresolved conclusion rather than a desirably curious precursor to the subsequent episodes.

Aerin. What’s up with insanity. Must all Guild Wars 2 villains be either Dragons of alien minds or be insane? There are no bad people in Guild Wars 2 ><

The only good thing about Gates of Maguuma was the bit on Scarlet's accommodations. It was nicely executed and the atmosphere of the instance had a touch of eerie. Scarlet might be dead, but her legacy lives on, and this is especially important since Braham irresponsibly said, "It doesn't matter now, it ends here." when Scarlet asked, in here final moments, if we weren't even curious about why she did what she did.

I always held a hope that Team Scarlet would one day travel through the jungles of Orr on foot to find Zhaitan to bring Scarlet Briar back from the dead so we could ask her some questions.

Geek Generation out.