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Guild Wars 2: April Feature Pack (Wardrobe System’s Limitations)

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.

If you play Guild Wars 2, you would have heard about the upcoming April Feature Pack. The feature pack includes some major changes to user interface (wardrobe system) and gameplay system changes (critical damage to ferocity). It’s probably fully coded by now. The reason it’s taking so long to roll out is probably to build up hype and hence increase cash shop sales on the release day.

The wardrobe system seems like a win win goodness that is going to be delivered to the players. But i can’t help but nurse a nagging feeling that there’s still something amiss. To be fair, the wardrobe system is a more elegant way of doing things than what we have right now and is definitely an upgrade toward gameplay friendliness.

To talk about the wardobe system, we first have to talk about the system that currently is. Say a player have a level 80 character that is fully equipped and runed/sigiled. The player decides to change his/her build with a new set of equipment but choose to maintain the old look of his/her character. What the player does is use a Transmutation Crystal to merge his/her character’s old item with the new item, choosing the new item’s skin and/or stats with the old rune/sigil (assuming you continue using his/her rune/sigil).

With the new wardrobe system, you apply the skin you want onto the new item with the use of a Transmutation Charge. However because it is merely the application of skins, the old rune/sigil is not transferred to the new item by way of merging. So to get the new set of items to have the same runes/sigils, the player has to buy a new set of runes/sgils, which can turn out to be an expensive endeavor. The alternative is to use an Upgrade Extractor, which as it is, costs way more than the most expensive rune/sigil in the trade post (not counting infusions). There’s simply no point in extracting the rune/sigil when you can simply buy the rune/sigil at a relatively much lower cost.

There is yet a third alternative. That is to use Black Lion Salvage Kit to salvage the old item to retrieve the rune/sigil. So the cost of replacing the of a whole set of armor is currently only 6 Transmutation Crystals. After the patch, assuming 1 Transmutation Charge is required for each skin application, it’s going to cost 6 Transmutation Charges + 6 uses of Black Lion Salvage Kit. Moreover, this third alternative is not available if the old item was a karma item, which is a non-salvageable item.

Given this scenario, it is easy to see that Transmutation Charges does less things than Transmutation Crystals and that the Transmutation cash thingy will effectively be nerfed with the new wardrobe system.

Geek Generation out.