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ArcheAge: Level 8

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I played ArcheAge a little more today and leveled Lizziepeia to level 8. To summarize my experience with the game; not impressed.

After some time, i noticed that everyone except me had a mount. Which can only mean that i missed my mount quest. Or if there’s even such a quest. So i decided to backtrack to find my free mount.

I noticed that i had a book of teleportation in my bag. I activated it to create a world gate back to the start point. All good except that i couldn’t interact with it at all. A couple more failed attempts and i finally realized that the book of teleportation consumes some sort of currency in my bag.

Frustration peaking.

For a game that boasts about seamless travel in the game world, a simple lag brings out a loading screen ><

Having Mana Stars as a skill, the description of which says something like “Hold down the key to shoot continuously”; i tried both tapping the key and holding it, they appeared to both shoot in bursts of 4 shots. What happened to continuously?

Last but definitely not least is the mob tagging system. Kills are not shared. No even for quests that involves killing semi boss monsters. There’s no reward for joining in a fight and no benefit for helping out another person in a fight.

What a bleh.

Geek Generation out.


ArcheAge: Character Customization

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I spent most of last night, downloading, installing, unpacking, verifying, patching and what not. Finally i got to play today. When logging in, i’m told that i can create 2 characters across the servers and up to 4 more character for servers.. I have absolutely no idea what all that was about. So i randomly picked a server that said “Up”.

Next was character creation and the name.. omg the name.. is a Chinese name. You can’t get a second capital letter in the name, even after a space. You can have Ziyi, but you can’t have full names like Zhang Ziyi. I don’t know about other people, but it’s a big deal for me. It means Rainie Ying would turn into Rainie ying. No way i was going to defile Rainie like that.

Character customization was kind of limited. I can’t make my toon taller. Or if i could, it wasn’t obvious that i could. Maybe all Harani have to be short. I couldn’t get a black skinned toon either. The darkest skin i could get was olive. Oh well..


Hence Lizziepeia was born into the world of Archeage in server-i-don’t-remember-the-name. Played her to level 3. Monsters didn’t seem to drop loot. Got a skill point, but didn’t know what to do with it. The skill i wanted said i needed level 10 Occultism. Do i kill monsters or spam skills or spam skills to kill monsters to level up the skill set? I guess i’ll find out when i play more on the weekend.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Get Your Commander Tag Today

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

It’s been awhile since i played Guild Wars 2. But i have friends who still play Guild Wars 2 and are always trying to entice me to return to the game by telling me news about the game.  

The latest news i got about Guild Wars 2 was that the Commander tag was going to rise in price from 100g to 300g while at the same time changing from character bound to account bound. In my opinion, this is a really positive change similar to that of legendary weapons. It improves the value of the Commander tag for non-commanding purposes to more than just a vanity expense. 

Why should i buy the commander tag if i do not plan to command for either WvW or PvE events?

The answer to that question, aside from the eventual increase in price and account bound changes to come, is that the tag is quite useful for purposes of communication. Say you play a mesmer and just finished a jumping puzzle and decided to be really nice and offer to “port” others to the end point. Having a commander helps players unfamiliar with the jumping puzzle to see where you are on the map. 

If you’re trying to complete a lonely event in a map that’s not so popular, having a commander tag also helps to gather people to your location. 

All in all, i would say the commander tag will be a good buy and that you should buy it now if you can afford the 100g, before it rises in price.

Plus, eventually the commander tag’s color would be changeable. How cool is that! I hope i can change it to pink 😀

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Living Story Season 2 (Gates of Maguuma)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The new season, season 2, of living story for Guild Wars 2 came out yesterday.

Gates of Maguuma, as a pilot for new content, is a little underwhelming. If one compares the living story to a TV series, Gates of Maguuma is like the pilot episode. In my opinion, pilot episodes have a responsibility to be interesting enough to draw in people into the season and seasons to come. It should make people want to experience the next episode, more so than subsequent episodes, so that when people start applying sunk cost fallacy, they’re hooked for the rest of the season.

The thing with Gates of Maguuma being different from a TV program also works against it. With TV programs, there’s the recap portion that occurs before the show, like “Previously on Guild Wars 2”. So i’m willing to bet that there are much lesser players in the position to appreciate the cameo of Riot Alice. Maybe there are even more returning characters present and i don’t realize that they are returning characters.

I didn’t even know Master of Peace was the person we talked to in Lion’s Arch previously until my friend told me. Master of Peace is not exactly a kind of iconic name. It sounds more like a title for the sheriff or something. A name like Morning, a red shirt character in one of the instances in Gates of Maguuma, is so much more memorable. What’s up with that? They give memorable names to red shirts but core npcs are called Master of Peace.

So the team.. i don’t think there’s a name for the team yet, maybe i’ll just call them Team Scarlet, as a tribute to Scarlet Briar, goes after Master of Peace, finds him, kill Aerin for him, and for some reason have to talk to him from across a canyon, and the Master of Peace says, “I’m not gonna tell you anything, and i’m off now, ta.”. Perhaps this was the bit that was supposed to hook the players into the season but.. really who cares about a guy who doesn’t reward us for saving him?

The whole fiasco results in an unsatisfying unresolved conclusion rather than a desirably curious precursor to the subsequent episodes.

Aerin. What’s up with insanity. Must all Guild Wars 2 villains be either Dragons of alien minds or be insane? There are no bad people in Guild Wars 2 ><

The only good thing about Gates of Maguuma was the bit on Scarlet's accommodations. It was nicely executed and the atmosphere of the instance had a touch of eerie. Scarlet might be dead, but her legacy lives on, and this is especially important since Braham irresponsibly said, "It doesn't matter now, it ends here." when Scarlet asked, in here final moments, if we weren't even curious about why she did what she did.

I always held a hope that Team Scarlet would one day travel through the jungles of Orr on foot to find Zhaitan to bring Scarlet Briar back from the dead so we could ask her some questions.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: April (December?) Feature Pack (Mega Server)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

The blog news for the April Feature Pack is complete. The last bit of teaser was about the Mega Server system. Before talking about the mega server, i’ll have to explain a little about what overflow maps are.

Guild Wars 2 players are divided into servers which not only is a grouping for world versus world (WvW) content, is also a segregation of players for pve content. Each server has it own persistent world maps that is populated by players from the same server. However, there is a limit on the number of players a map can host. Players trying to enter maps that has reached its player limit would be placed into another instance of the same map, called overflow by Guild Wars 2.

I’m not sure if overflow maps are created on the fly or there are just instances of maps that’s already running and waiting to be populated.

To make a long story short, the mega server would turn all maps into a form of overflow map. The map’s identity is no longer tied to any particular server. While this means players from different servers can now play together, though not of their own volition. That means, if for some reason a player wanted to play with players from a particular server (maybe he/she wanted to go to a server’s town hub to talk to players he/she been competing with in WvW), it’s not a choice the player can make with the mega server in place.

While the mega server would make maps more populated, it’s not without its cons. With the mega server in place, players can no longer play in some maps while monitoring whether a dungeon is contested or not in another map.

More importantly, websites like will no longer work. As maps would no longer be tied to any identity, it would be impossible to map out gathering nodes. When the mega server kicks in in December for the higher level maps, expect the price of gathered high level materials like Orichalcum Ore, Ancient Wood, Omomberries etc to rise as gathering them would become so much harder.

Also, when cross server guilds organize for events like Tequatl and Triple Trouble, non-guild members would find it much harder to join and play with these guilds.

All in all, i don’t really like this mega server thingy.

Anyway, there’s a really simple way to increase the perception of higher population in pve maps. That’s to simply show green dots of other players on the mini map like how it’s done in WvW maps. Seeing the green dots help people to gravitate toward each other. Even if the green dots do not gravitate toward each other, it is additional information that helps feed the perception that there’s some other people out there. As it is right now, players can be in adjacent zones but not know the other is there.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: April Feature Pack (Wardrobe System’s Limitations)

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.

If you play Guild Wars 2, you would have heard about the upcoming April Feature Pack. The feature pack includes some major changes to user interface (wardrobe system) and gameplay system changes (critical damage to ferocity). It’s probably fully coded by now. The reason it’s taking so long to roll out is probably to build up hype and hence increase cash shop sales on the release day.

The wardrobe system seems like a win win goodness that is going to be delivered to the players. But i can’t help but nurse a nagging feeling that there’s still something amiss. To be fair, the wardrobe system is a more elegant way of doing things than what we have right now and is definitely an upgrade toward gameplay friendliness.

To talk about the wardobe system, we first have to talk about the system that currently is. Say a player have a level 80 character that is fully equipped and runed/sigiled. The player decides to change his/her build with a new set of equipment but choose to maintain the old look of his/her character. What the player does is use a Transmutation Crystal to merge his/her character’s old item with the new item, choosing the new item’s skin and/or stats with the old rune/sigil (assuming you continue using his/her rune/sigil).

With the new wardrobe system, you apply the skin you want onto the new item with the use of a Transmutation Charge. However because it is merely the application of skins, the old rune/sigil is not transferred to the new item by way of merging. So to get the new set of items to have the same runes/sigils, the player has to buy a new set of runes/sgils, which can turn out to be an expensive endeavor. The alternative is to use an Upgrade Extractor, which as it is, costs way more than the most expensive rune/sigil in the trade post (not counting infusions). There’s simply no point in extracting the rune/sigil when you can simply buy the rune/sigil at a relatively much lower cost.

There is yet a third alternative. That is to use Black Lion Salvage Kit to salvage the old item to retrieve the rune/sigil. So the cost of replacing the of a whole set of armor is currently only 6 Transmutation Crystals. After the patch, assuming 1 Transmutation Charge is required for each skin application, it’s going to cost 6 Transmutation Charges + 6 uses of Black Lion Salvage Kit. Moreover, this third alternative is not available if the old item was a karma item, which is a non-salvageable item.

Given this scenario, it is easy to see that Transmutation Charges does less things than Transmutation Crystals and that the Transmutation cash thingy will effectively be nerfed with the new wardrobe system.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: Living Story Intermission After Retaking Lion’s Arch

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

New patch for Guild Wars 2 came on yesterday. Living story’s first story has come to a conclusion, Scarlet is dead without saying why she did what she did or what it was that she saw or contacted with in the Eternal Alchemy. Surely it cannot be the dragon she woke that masterminded the whole thing. If the dragon was the mastermind, did it scheme all the events while asleep to wake himself up? Which sounds rather ludicrous.

So after the whole fiasco, a dragon woke up. According to the wiki, it was Mordremoth, elder jungle dragon, that woke up, though i’m not sure how that was inferred, probably there are other sources of information i have yet to come across. So what next? Not much actually, if you thought about it. According to the novel, Edge of Destiny, Kralkatorrik, elder crystal dragon, itself was flying around in Ascalon. It was not even clear why it didn’t finish off Ebonhawke since Destiny’s Edge’s trap didn’t work.

So Kralkatorrik was awake, and didn’t need a whole Scarlet Briar fiasco to do it, and being awake doesn’t mean very much apparently.

In terms of the living story, the patch doesn’t have much updates. Just one lengthy scene in the Dead End’s bar. I really hope we get to see black curtains that was promised the next time we go in there.

Another point to note is that there isn’t any Sylvari in the hero line up in the last season. So quite likely, the next season of living story is going to add a Sylvari. Some speculation on the forums say that the next story could possibly explore Malyck and the other mother/father tree. Let’s hope it’s not going to be another Trahearne-like weakling that claims all the glory while others do the hard work.

Can’t there be an asura that’s not obnoxious, a sylvari that’s actually mysterious and prophetic with his/her dreams?

Oh well.. Anyway before i leave off, i saw in the forums that someone was saying that: considering the rebuilding of the statue that got destroyed took three months of real world time, the rebuilding of Lion’s Arch is gonna take one to two years. Lol, Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: The Battle for Lion’s Arch (Continued)

Geek Generation is back.

The earlier post on Battle for Lion’s Arch can be found here.

I’ve played more and found out more about the content. Apparently there is loot from the colored bosses called Assault Knights. It’s just that the ground is usually such a mess and the “Press F to search” or some text like that might not even appear. Just roam around the corpse and keep hitting the grab loot key until you get five Deluxe Gear Boxes. You also get a chance at looting a Spinal Blades upgrade component.

After the Prime Hologram, there’s the three smaller colored hologram. With each hologram, you’ve got to get the correct color buff in order to damage it. The group i was in proposed to do in the order of Red -> Green -> Blue. Not too sure about the significance of the order though.

The red hologram drops the dredge fire circles which should be plenty easy to avoid. After killing the hologram, it kind of splits into 6 more others which we have to kill. I don’t remember much about the green and didn’t get to fight the blue much. I do recall seeing huge semi circle AOEs at one of them. The green hologram split into 6 too. The blue didn’t but i’m not sure if it’s because it was blue or it was because it was the last.

In any case, once all the small holograms are dealt with, there’s the third and final phase before getting into the instanced content. There’s a treasure chest after this phase. In this one, there’s one big hologram in the center. At some point, you can head on in to the center to get the triple color buff, then head back out to kill small holograms. At least that’s what i think we’re supposed to do since those are the only things i managed to damage with the triple color buff. Do not try to dodge over the danger zones as they can’t seem to be evaded.

On a side note, one of the bosses in Lion’s Arch, called the Canoneer, that appears on the left side of the map, is really hard to kill. For this boss, it has a reflective shield that prevents ranged damage and returns that damage back to the players. The shield doesn’t seem to go away. I asked around and someone said the aether cannon bombardment could reduced the reflective shield stacks. But it has an insane amount of stacks to remove.

So if you’re fighting the Canoneer, please switch to melee weapons to fight it. If you’re targeted for bombardment, just move away from the melee fighters.

Geek Generation out.

Guild Wars 2: The Battle for Lion’s Arch

[Wordpress acted up on me. I typed so much but it didn’t save or get published, just lost.. So i had to take down the post, redo it and republish.]

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Oh crap..

The Battle for Lion’s Arch patch for Guild Wars 2 is released today. Warning, possible spoilers ahead.

One of my friends got to the end of the content, which was an instanced content. As i was in a party with her, i got pulled in as well. So i got to see the ending before i went through the long and tedious fight.


Anyway, to begin, enter into Lion’s Arch. First thing to do would be to press M key to look at the map. Look for the colored icons, red, blue and green, that indicates the boss fights that must be completed before you can enter the Scarlet Briar part of the map.

The colored bosses are relatively simple. They have two AOEs, a smaller circle followed by a bigger circle. Simply use a range weapon to fight outside of the smaller circle. With the bigger circle, the strike time is a little slower than usual. So instead of dodging the moment you see the warning circle, dodge once after the bigger warning circle disappears. During the fight, there’ll be colored circles on the ground where you can stand to gain a damage buff.

After killing all three colored bosses, there’ll be three colored circles on the ground near the entrance to the Scarlet Briar area that you have to walk over to collect colored buffs over your head. You can only enter Scarlet Briar area after you’ve collected all three colors.


Upon entering the Scarlet Briar area, you’ll be in a fight with a boss called the Prime Hologram. The boss shoots beams that downs you instantly and leaves behind a burning ground which will eventually kill you if you’re down inside of it. Simply walk out of the warning zones the moment you see it. during the fight, a huge version of Scarlet Briar pops out take pop shots every now and then.

To damage the boss, there are colored circles on the ground that you have to walk over to gain a buff. You need at least one color to begin damaging the boss. I assume you can do more damage with all three colors. The thing with the burning beams shot by the hologram is that it originates from the circumference of the hologram. So if for some reason you need to change segments as demarcated by the burning ground, simply go through the center. Or if you’re tanky enough, you could just walk over the burning ground. But do note the yellow bubbles to the right (our right) of the hologram, as shown in the screenshot. The bubbles prevent movement and causes damage if you bump into them.

After the Prime Hologram, three smaller holograms appears, one for each color. I’m not too sure though, i think it might be that the Prime Hologram split into three smaller ones. You have to get the corresponding color buff to damage the smaller holograms. My game crashed during the fight with the first smaller hologram and after that i had to go off to cook : ( I’ll play more later and come back with more information.

Warning: Spoiler paragraph.
I doubt the smaller holograms are the last of it since i had to fight a wounded Scarlet in the instanced content. Which means there must be at least one more fight involving Scarlet after the holograms, where we wound her. Anyway, i was so sad when i thought Marjory was dead. I always thought Kasmeer was the one who’s going to die so she can like fuel Marjory. I’m just glad they both survived. Yay for Kajory !

One thing to note though is that the bosses are rather beefy and doesn’t give any loot. Not sure if the beefiness is due to scaling from lots of people, but if it’s not.. So if you want to get to the instanced content, better do it early while there’s still lots of people doing it.

Geek Generation out.

Update: The post on Battle for Lion’s Arch continues here.

Guild Wars 2: Escape from Lion’s Arch

Geek Generation here, hello everybody.

The events from Edge of the Mists culminates into a massive attack on Lion’s Arch by Scarlet Briar. Everything in Lion’s Arch was destroyed. Including the fountain that was rebuilt from when the Mad King destroyed it. What !! The Asuran portals are out of commission, Mystic Forge is gone, banks, tradepost and every other financial institution in Lion’s Arch is obliterated. But fear not, you can still continue to craft your ascended armor.

As to whether any services remain operational in Lion’s Arch, i’m not sure. The place has become a warzone, and i think it’ll be quite annoying if you were to make a hammer and suddenly a dozen Scarlet’s meanies pop up to murder you. Alot, if not all, of the services that you’re used to getting from Lion’s Arch can be found elsewhere.

To access crafting services, head on to your home borderland in WvW. Mystic Forge can be found in the home borderland’s garrison (the keep in the middle, south of the spawn point). Trade post is also found in WvW home borderland. As to laurel vendors, i think i remember seeing them in the various race’s capital city.

Rox and Braham (not sure where’s Taimi) are outside Lion’s Arch in Gendarren Fields making a foray into the city every hour to rescue the citizens. The more citizens you rescue in the event, the better the rewards. The reward tiers are as follows: 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500. Got that from the map chat, and the one’s saying it probably got the information from better guide sites like Dulfy.

I tried to find Kajory, prolly the favorite pair of everyone playing Guild Wars 2’s Living Story. The Dead End seems to be closed. Which makes sense since i would expect Kajory to be helping out in the events unfurling in Lion’s Arch. I didn’t exactly go all around to look for them, i’ll do that later.

So far, this bit of Living Story seems pretty fun. The only problem with the whole thing was the cyphers. The chests are all gone with no warning or grace period. Did Scarlet come back to take back all her chests before the attack? *blehz* A foray into the forums and you can find people saying “Lair still there but chests gone.”.

Like it or not, the cyphers are a form of in-game currency and should be treated as appropriately. To Anet: like phasing out Glory, give some warning and grace period when you decide cyphers should become utterly useless.

Another thing to take note of is the spinal back item recipe fragments thingy whatever it is called. You need to create a set of four pieces to transform into a recipe for crafting using the mystic forge that was destroyed (use the one in WvW home borderland keep). As with all limited items, collect as many of these as possible and trade it away months, or even weeks, later for a profit.

Geek Generation out.